TimHenry seems like a person who loves intimacy and affection and I’m so jealous of TéaElizabeth. I mean, just observing the way he touches her, or kisses her, or holds her hand. How sometimes he’s so passionate in the way he kisses her, and other times he kisses her so tenderly. When he kisses her no matter who’s around as if to wordlessly display “this is my wife and I love her.” How he so often offers little touches or kisses of comfort or encouragement. And the way he embraces her when he’s on top of her- on his elbows with his arms underneath her, fully surrounding her…
Of course there are sexual undertones in their interactions at certain times, but it’s still so pure.
He always wants to be close to her and  intimate in a way that you can only be intimate with your significant other. And he’s so gentle and pure about it. 
Of course she reciprocates it and offers just as much of herself, but I feel like it’s not very common for men to show their love and affection for their partners in such a way, and I’m so jealous of her having a man like that. But also happy for her. 😊


This whole ordeal has reminded me about the importance of civic duty. It’s reaffirmed my faith in the process, you know? We got this enormous thing done, Henry, and I feel a responsibility to make sure it doesn’t get undone.