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That awkward age where...

…you are equally attracted to the actors playing the kids and the actors playing the dads…

“that was before Octavia made Madi her second…”

Reason #326 that I love Harper McIntyre: they both turn, shocked, but Bellamy turns away first, like he accepts it faster. He’s like “damn that’s a REAL bummer, c'est la vie I guess” but Harper, my bbg HARPER, looks deadass ANGRY. She met Madi just a few days before, and already she’s genuinely concerned about her association with Octavia. Like idc, I love the mom & dad dynamic that Bellamy & Clarke put out but DAMN aunt Harper is obviously ready to fight for her girlie Madi.


JRothenbergTV A 6 year time jump into a post-post-apocalyptic world requires a new MAIN TITLE SEQUENCE. Don’t you agree? I think maybe I’ll share a few screen grabs from it, staring with the credit of the great @WildpipM! More to follow. #The100

JRothenbergTV And, of course, credit #1… the transcendent @MisElizaJane Plus a bonus look at what comes right after her name… #The100 #Take3

JRothenbergTV Another sneak peek at our new title sequence. RIP Arcadia… @ItsPaigeTurco #The100

JRothenbergTV Another screenshot from the new main title sequence. Don’t ask me how a stone statue could be on fire. Sometimes when deciding between science and fiction, cool rules. @clarkinlarkin #the100

JRothenbergTV Here’s one more early look (for today anyway) at the revamped Season 5 title sequence. @linzzmorgan #The100 

JRothenbergTV That girl is on fire! @iamAvgeropoulos #The100

JRothenbergTV Polis has looked better. The great @hicusick’s name has not. #The100 

JRothenbergTV Here’s the thing about a post apocalyptic atmosphere… beautiful sunsets. And, of course, @RichardSHarmon is a light in the darkness. #The100 

JRothenbergTV Hey guys, whether you love, hate or love to hate Echo, let’s welcome @tasyateles to the main titles! #The100

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero


Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

  • Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero
  1. Clarke told Madi that Murphy is a hero

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”

In honor of the season 4 premiere of The 100! Bellamy always has the coolest outfits.

Harper McIntyre

• One of the hundred, a recurring character since season 1

• One of the (20) gunners in the camp, the only surviving female original gunner

• Taken to Mount Weather, went through multiple bone marrow extractions.

• acted as a spy and risked Pike’s wrath by providing intel back to Kane’s Faction

• Was almost killed off in season 1 from the virus, until the writers decided to keep her around longer

• Resisted the chip, despite the pain she’s been through, the mount weather nightmare, her father’s death, etc. She never took the chip.

• Watched a man die when the black rain hit arkadia, because she left him. When he was brought inside she stayed by his side until his last moments, then proceeded to hate herself for thinking she caused his death.

• Was literally one of the very few people to make Monty feel anything after Jasper, his best friend, really started to lose it.

• Overcame depression, as shown by her momentary desire to stay at Arkadia for Praimfaya. She realized that just because she was tired of fighting, didn’t mean that she wanted to die.

• Pulled her weight when helping get the rocket ready, and some of Echo’s (while she had her little breakdown before Bellamy caught her)

• Was helpful and supportive of Spacekru during their time on the ring

• This hasn’t been proven obviously but like we all know she took Madi under her wing the second she saved them, because we just know that’s how Harper is

• Incredibly compassionate

• A wonderful and supportive friend and girlfriend

• Literally funny

• So, so strong

• Has been through hell and still manages to be all of these things, and more.

These are some of the things I can remember off-hand about Harper, I know she’s done and been through so much more, and Bellamy and Clarke both forgot about her during their reunion and I will fight until the day I die that she fucking deserves better.

Ok but listen Madi literally spilled the tea abt Clarke telling her stories about them, she admitted that Clarke said Murphy was funny, she said that Clarke told her that she needed all of them to survive, Madi literally has absolutely no filter (hello she’s never needed one,) like I will be very VERY shocked if she’s not the one who tells Bellamy that Clarke loves him.