Henry thought she didn't love him

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Thoughts on Regina being able to TLK Henry in season 1. Not to say that Emma didn't have the right-to be honest I'm still eh about that, but eh. I think she could have- she wouldn't have believed she could have, but I think she could. You don't just turn feelings off, and she loves him sooooo much, and before he got the book he must have loved her to.

I think she didn’t believe in herself enough to try.  She was afraid of failure because she didn’t think he loved her and that failure would have destroyed her.

Remember she’d tried to True Love Kiss before and had it fail (not that it could have worked but the psychology is there).

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I agree with your thoughts about Barry singing RHTY to Iris. The part where he said "You gave me no choice, but to love you" just emphasize Iris' constant faith in him growing up. When he had everybody (Even Joe growing up) calling him crazy while Iris, the one person by his side, believed Henry didn't kill Nora and wrote a blog to save his sanity, how could Barry NOT love her? So it sucks when people say she doesn't deserve Barry when she's been saving him since they were eleven.

Anyone who says that Iris doesn’t deserve Barry or that Barry doesn’t deserve Iris is an idiot and I refuse to deal with those people. Or an SB shipper. But yes to everything else.

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Hi :) I'm the anonymous that asked you about doing a study of Regina and Henry's bond. My specific questions are: How do you think there relationship was when Henry was a baby and before he got the book? How did you see there relationship when he thought she didn't love him? How do you see there relationship now a days? When Regina didn't remember Henry and viceversa do you think they felt like they had something special tho they didn't know why? Thank you for everything. :)

I’m sorry this took me so long to answer. I haven’t had the time to just sit down and get all my thoughts down. But here’s my feelings on all of your questions. Feel free to send any more if you have them. I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to get back to you.

I see them as having been very close while he was growing up. I’m sure they still had their struggles. Kids are hard and Regina was self teaching herself how to be a mom with no positive influence or knowledge going into it. But I don’t think that stopped her from being a really good mom and them having had a very close relationship. In fact they were probably each others best friend before the adoption/book revelation, and I think that is what lead to the downfall of their relationship being so hard.

Henry trusted her more than anyone so finding out he was adopted and that Regina was the Evil Queen almost back to back to each other? That sort of betrayal from someone who he thought had no secrets from him or lies between them would have been hard. And that’s what I believe lead him to the extremes of believing that everything was a lie and she didn’t really love him. If she could lie to him about two such huge things in his life, maybe the great relationship they had wasn’t real either. Maybe everything was a lie.

People take the downfall of their relationship to mean they weren’t close. I think it was the exact opposite of that. They were closer than anything but Henry’s unwavering trust and belief in Regina (which I do believe he had in her before they reconciled) made the lies and feelings of betrayal that much worse. Her reaction to his bitterness and rejection was equally extreme. She already struggled with the idea of anyone loving her before Henry came into her life, so in her mind he must not love her now. His hurt fed her self esteem issues and vice versa. Once they got past that and learned how to be honest and communicate with each other, their relationship was able to improve and grow.

What we see now with them is, I think, very true to what they had while Henry was growing up. It’s like they just fell back into old habits with each other.

This is comfortable, this is them, this is what they’ve always had, but now it’s without secrets and lies getting in the way. What they have is all the normalcy of a mother and son. Particularly a son and single mother.

As for whether they thought they had something special without their memories?

I definitely think Henry did. Or rather, I think he felt something was missing until he had her back in his life. He just…couldn’t figure out why.

There was familiarity between them,

he was comfortable with her,

he looked at a tree and felt drawn to it!

In the AU verse, I’m not sure Regina knew what to think of Henry, but she certainly felt something for him. I mean, this strange little boy wandered into her life and followed her around for all of 10 minutes and she was already willing to protect him…

at all costs…

In both cases, their minds may have forgotten each other but their hearts didn’t.