SuJu reaction when they fall in love with a foreigner who’s studying in Korea for the summer req by anon

For the purpose of this reaction, we’re going to assume that this foreigner isn’t up to date on popular Kpop grops and doesn’t recognize our boys for the idols that they are!


Leeteuk: What am I going to do? She’s only here for the summer…and eventually she’s going to see something on TV or online and figure out who I am - I have to tell her before that. But what will she think? Will she not want to see me anymore? Would she be up for a long distance relationship - God, our timezones would be nearly twelve hours apart…what would we do about that? 

*Basically worries about anything and everything*

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Heechul: *She sees an interview he did on TV and confronts him about it - in a rare moment, the others see Heechul unable to kid around* 

Heechul: “I wanted to tell you - I swear I did! But I liked that you didn’t know me…Even if this - what we have - can’t last more than this summer, I wanted you to be able to like me freely, without having to think about anything else!”

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Kangin: *One weekend when it’s extremely hot, she suggests that the two of them and a few of his friends (ahem, other SuJu members) go to the beach.*

Kangin: “Haha, babe…that sounds like a good idea…but what if we just went to an indoor pool instead? Wouldn’t want you to sunburn and all.” And I wouldn’t be recognized, if I could get one of the guys to help me figure out how to rent a pool for a day - I want to be able to tell her myself on my terms.

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Shindong: *Is the one who realizes that a relationship with her may not survive such a short time of actually being together. He’s content for her to be friends with the company’s trainees and loves her one-sidedly from afar*


Kyuhyun: *She mentions to him that she saw the end of a group’s performace on TV and one of the members looked a lot like him*

Kyuhyun: “Ahaha, is that so? I mean, what a lucky guy to look like me, right?” 

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G/N: “And he sounded like you when you sing…and he had the same name…” *raises eyebrow* 


Ryeowook: *During a smaller benefit concert in Seoul, a few months after she left, Leeteuk pulls hims aside and starts pointing at the crowd - during the next song, when Ryeowook is close to the edge of the stage, he glances out and sees her standing there, waving a Ryeowook banner and grinning*

Ryeowook: *thinking* Yah, this girl. Why didn’t she tell me?!

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Siwon: “I love you - even though we haven’t been together long, I already know that. So even if it’s a language barrier, a dozen hours’ difference, and half a world away…I don’t care. We’ll make it work no matter what.”

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Yesung: *Thinking it’s for the better, the two cut off their relationship a few weeks before she has to return to her home country. He however, can’t stop thinking about her, and the first thing she sees when she reaches her flight’s gate is him standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows, waiting for her*

Yesung: *approaching her* “I really like you - a lot. I might even love you. And I’m not ready to throw something like that away over distance. You’ve worked out who I am already, I know - so please know that any time you want to come to Korea to visit, I will arrange it. I’ll call you when I can, text you when I have the time. Just…please tell me that you feel the same…?

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Donghae: *He was completely upfront about who he was when he met her, as he thought that keeping something like his identity for her wouldn’t make for the beginnings of a good relationship. Luckily, she decided that she would give dating him a chance.*

G/N: *casually* “You know, I’ve thought about staying on here during the fall and spring semesters…my parents think it’s a good idea too.”

Donghae: “W - what? You’re staying the entire year? That’s great!”

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Eunhyuk: *After she’s left for the summer, he sends her constant texts, including pictures of himself in places where Super Junior stops on tour. One day she gets a text of him with familiar buildings in the background, and she realizes he’s in the country.*

Eunhyuk: *text* Recognize this place? Can you be here in an hour? I’ve got three days here before we move on!

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Zhoumi: “Well, actually, the way it worked out is that Korea is right in the middle of our home countries. Granted, you are further away…but it’s a middle ground for us. Do you plan to come back next summer?”

G/N: “If I have the funds, yes. Being away from you for an entire year is going to stress me out a lot…”

Zhoumi: “All the more reason to work hard and get that scholarship. Just know that if you come back, I will too. And if you can’t…well, I do want to visit LA during the summer…”

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Henry: *The two had a few days apart right after he revealed to her who he was - and she realized his popularity - but she called him up soon after and told him that if he was willing to try, she was.*

Henry: “Your parents? Of course I may be able to come out and meet them, if I can get enough time off. Language barrier? Ha! I speak English much better than Korean - I grew up speaking it. I got this!”

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My dad after seeing a picture of Henry
  • Dad:does that boy's mother know he's out that late?
  • Dad:is he trying to raise money for school supplies?
  • Dad:what do you mean he's 25 he can't be more than 12
  • Dad:I don't think it's very appropriate for you to be liking him
  • Dad:you better get that picture off your phone before people think you're creeping on some 8 year old boy

“I developed a trauma when I was young. I stayed at my music teacher’s house for months to practice violin. I worked hard and practiced diligently but I was scolded a lot. I suddenly thought of those times.” (x) (x)


Henry Twitter Update & Amber ‘s ReplyS | 150701

@henrylau89:   I will fear you no more @ajol_llama

@llama_ajol: @henrylau89 u will fear me… U will always fear me

@henrylau89: @llama_ajol ima make u so scared of me everytime u look at me ur gunna have a face like this. harharhar 조심해 ㅋ

@llama_ajol: @henrylau89 its on brother

150705 Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”

Super Junior-M‘s Henry attempts to tackle a difficult piece on the violin in July 4′s episode of the tvN variety show “Always Cantare.” He works with a teacher to help him with a particularly hard part, but when he struggles with it he begins to look upset. He eventually stops playing and it’s clear that he’s started to cry.

“To be honest, when I was young I had an upsetting experience,” he explains in an interview. He says that when he was a kid, he spent a few months living at his violin teacher’s home. His teacher would sit next to him while he was playing and criticize him. “I know they were doing it all for me,” he says, “but when I was practicing earlier I suddenly thought about that time.”

His teacher sympathizes with him, telling him that she too had a scary teacher when she was a kid that used to make her really nervous. He eventually gets a handle on the difficult part, and takes a big sigh of relief and exhaustion.

In his interview, he talks a bit about his reputation as a musical genius. “Lately, some people around me call me a genius,” he says. “But I’m definitely not. When I was young, I practiced really, really hard. I don’t really think there’s such thing as a genius.”

Lastly, he adds with a smile, “And I’m still not that great, anyway.”

You can see Henry practicing with celebrity and non-celebrity musicians as an orchestra under maestro Geum Nan Sae every Saturday on “Always Cantare.”

Source: nate | soompi