Henry Mitchell


13 days of charmed - [day 10] favorite couple >> Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell
You don’t know anything about her. Where is she ticklish? Third toe, left foot. Right below the neck. Did you know she only salts popcorn on the right side, never on the left? And every time she watches The Wizard of Oz, she cries. Every time, did you know that? I care about Paige. I love her. - And I love him.


new york fashion week : men’s, s/s 2016, cadet, the line up

show date JULY 13, 2015


casting BRENT CHUA

with from top left KEVIN SAMPAIO & JONATHAN SAMPAIO, both @ wilhelmina, MITCHELL SLAGGERT & DMITRY BRYLEV, both @ dna, TAYLOR ASHMORE @ ford, FRANCESCO BRUNETTI @ one.1, DANIEL O’BRIEN @ wilhelmina, BRETT L @ request/click, ISHA BLAAKER @ soul, ADRYAN HANSON @ major, WILLIAM M @ wilhelmina, HENRY WATKINS @ soul, SCOTT WALHOVD @ wilhelmina, VEIT COUTURIER & CHAD WHITE, both @ soul