A little Regal Believer I wrote on the coach

He’d been extremely quiet in the car, not at all like his usual animated self. Normally she would never be able to get a word in whenever she’d pick him up from school, he’d be chewing her ear off, telling tales of his day from the moment he made his way across the playground to her until they sat down for dinner. Today though, something was off with her boy.

She watched him as he twirled his little fork through the mound of spaghetti on his plate, it was his favorite, her bolognaise sauce a frequent request of his and it was always more cheese please Mama! Tonight though, it lay hardly touched and cooling. Her brow furrowed at the sight of the sadness on his face, his little pout tugging at her heartstrings and causing her to ask “did something happen at school today Henry?”

Dark little eyes shot up to look at her at that, something there that she couldn’t quite decipher, didn’t have enough time to even try before he was looking back down to his food once more with a small shrug and a “no mama” that sounded more dejected than it was convincing. She’d allow him the moment though, would ask him one more time before bedtime, knowing that if something truly was wrong then he’d tell her before the night was out.

She gave him one last glance over, a small smile at the sight of him, his mere presence in her life still such a marvel to her, before she was asking “not hungry tonight huh?” and it was a Friday meaning that he’d have been having his sweet treat day at school and tomorrow morning would bring more strawberry pancakes than he’d be able to eat so for tonight, she’d allow him to skip dinner if he so wished.

At the shake of his head, eyes still downcast as he placed his fork upon his plate and pushed it towards her, she stood and grabbed both of their dishes, making sure to lean down and place a tender lingering kiss to his head before moving to the kitchen, shouting while still in earshot “go pick your bubbles for bath time little man.” And though his responding okay mama was lacking in the usual enthusiasm, she heard him pad from the dining room and begin his ascent upstairs.

She loved him like this, warm, soft and fragrant from his bath. He’d picked the Spiderman bubble bath (no surprise there) which carried undertones of vanilla that had her hugging him a little tighter when he climbed out from underneath the covers and onto her lap, his arms coming to wrap around her neck as he lay his head upon her shoulder, her little boy.

She stroked a soothing hand up and down his back, enjoying the softness of the cotton pyjama top she had placed him in and making a mental note to buy more fabric softener during their trip to the store tomorrow before she asked “you want to tell me what happened today sweetheart?” she shifted him down and onto her lap fully, moving a hand to hold his head to her chest when he nodded.

She waited him out, dropping her lips to linger on his forehead as chubby fingers moved up to play with the hair that had fallen forward with her movement. He loved playing with her hair, it soothed him, had done since he was a baby and she couldn’t help but adore the extra contact with her son, the subtle affection that he gave her without really registering it.

“Cooper said you’re not my real Mama cause I’m dopted.”

Regina had been rocking them very gently from side to side, hoping to ease whatever worries rested upon his poor little mind but she stilled completely at that. Henry had known, from the moment he was old enough to understand, just where he had come from, she’d told him so herself, had shown him the pictures of the day she’d brought him home and it had never bothered him before…did it now? “And…what did you say Henry?”

She was still looking down at him, watched the way his brow furrowed as he tried to recall his own words. Her heart was pounding within her chest though she needn’t have worried for he replied simply “that it doesn’t matter if I came from your tummy or not” it was the very same thing she’d told him that first day when she’d explained everything and it had tears welling in her eyes as her heart swelled with love for the little child in her arms, “I love you and you love me so that’s all that counts.”

A tear fell from each eye as she pressed her lips back to his forehead, his head to her chest and began rocking them gently again as she managed to tell him “that’s right my little prince.”

It was quiet for another long moment before Henry was asking “will you sing me to sleep Mama?” and it seemed that was that for now and so she laughed softly into his hair, told him “of course I will sweetheart” and sang her little boy to sleep, holding him within the warmth of her arms and her love.


Roland's Questions- OQ/DQ FF

It all started with Roland waking up from noises. Roland tried to brush it off. He was the son of the prince of thieves, Robin Hood. He wanted to be brave like his father. So he just snuggled up to the monkey plush Regina gave him and tried to fall back asleep.

The next time he heard a moan was moments later. It sounded like Regina. Was she okay? Was she hurt? Roland almost jumped out of bed when he realized what if it’s just his imagination. Maybe he was just paranoid because Henry wasn’t at their mansion to protect him. It went silent again, and poor little Roland was oh so tired from a day playing with his father and Regina. The day was great. They got ice cream and played at the park. Roland giggled as he remembered the fun they had. His papa pretending to be the tickle monster and Regina helping him. Robin even tried to go after Regina, which made Roland laugh even more. Robin and Regina would give glares to each other that Roland couldn’t explain, but he brushed it off.

Roland just decided to go back to sleep. But not to long again he heard a grunt from what this time sounded like his father. Roland was honestly scared at this point. But he decided to stay in bed, that everything is fine and he should just fall back asleep.

But the noises kept coming. Each one getting more intense. It was about 12:00 now, and Roland was very confused. So, he finally hopped out of bed and silently walked down the hall to Robin and Regina’s room.

Roland could here the noises more clearly now. He was scared to open the door that lead to Regina and Robin. What could be in there? A troll? A monster? But Roland remembered that he was the son of THE Robin Hood. He must be brave like his papa. So he carefully opened the door…

There was no monsters or trolls. What was wrong? Roland saw his papa on top of Regina. Regina was gripping onto the bed and sometimes moaning while Robin umm… bounced on her? Roland had no idea what they heck they were doing. Luckily, Robin and Regina had no idea little Roland was watching. Roland stayed silent, wondering what they where doing. They were smiling, so it must have been fun, right? Little Roland wondered why he wasn’t inviting to “play.” Dumbfounded, Roland came up with an idea. Why doesn’t he just ask Henry? Perfect idea. So the boy closed the door and headed for Henry.

Roland doesn’t know how he got outside so easily. He simply just walked downstairs and climb out a window. How a six year old did that, I honestly don’t even know. Roland walked down the road to the Charming’s place to Henry. He was still very confused on why his dad and mom were doing what they were doing.

He heard some cheering noises when he got up to the door at the Charming’s. Roland still had his PJs on, and he was quite cold. Hopefully Henry was still awake at this hour. So he knocked on the door and it was surprisingly opened quite quickly.

Snow opened the door and her expression changed to surprised very quickly. “Roland?” She looked at the boy standing in front of her.

“I need to ask Henry a question.” Roland invited himself inside as Snow followed.

Charming walked in to see who it was. “Roland?” He looked unbelieved as the little boy walked into his apartment.

“Hi.” Roland simply said as he kept walking.

“Roland, what are you doing here?” Snow asked.

“I need to ask Henry a question.” Roland looked at the very confused adults.

“Does your dad and Regina know you’re here?” Snow asked.

“Umm, sure.” Roland smiled. It wasn’t like him to lie, but he really needed to talk to Henry.

“Henry!!” Snow yelled.

The 14 year old boy walked in and the same expression as the Charming’s appeared on his face. “Roland?”

“Hi Henry!” The little boy walked up to Henry.

“We’ll..give you some privacy.” Charming said as he dragged Snow White out of the room.

“Roland, what are you doing here?” Henry asked, kneeling down to get on the same level as the boy.

“I had to ask you a question.” Roland said.

“Does my mom know you’re here?” Henry asked.

“Maybe.” Roland said. “But I still need to ask you a question.”

“Yes?” Henry awaited.

“What was daddy and Regina doing?” Roland asked.

“What?” Henry asked, confused.

“What was daddy and Regina doing?” Roland asked again.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t there. What did it look like they were doing?” Henry asked.

“Well, it looked like they where playing a game without me. They were smiling, so they were having fun.” Roland said.

“Oh, we when did this happen?” Henry asked another question.

“Maybe a hour ago. I heard noises coming from them, so I went to go see what they were doing.” The innocent boy spoke.

“What kind of noises were they making?” Henry asked another question.

“I don’t know. Moans and grunts I guess.” Roland shrugged. Henry’s eyes got a little bigger at that statement.

“So what happened?” Henry asked. Now a little curious on where this conversation was headed.

“Well, daddy was on top of Gina. It looked weird.” Henry’s eyes literally popped out of his head when Roland said that.

“Umm..ahh, well..” Henry stuttered. He was honestly scared and surprised at the same time. He didn’t know how to answer the little boy. “My mom and your dad were helping taking each other’s clothes on. Yeah.” That answer somewhat worked.

“Then why were their clothes on the floor?” Roland asked. Henry was very uncomfortable.

“Because they were dirty. I’m sure there were fresh pairs of clothes on the bed, and you just didn’t see them.” Henry smiled.

“Oh, okay. But was my daddy bouncing on-”

“OK I think we need to get you back to your house, Roland.” Charming leaped in as he picked up the boy and headed for the door. Henry sighed in relief when Snow pat him on the back.

“You alright Henry?” Snow asked the scared teenager.

“Honestly, I think I’m scarred for life.” Henry said as Snow hugged him.

“We’re going to take him back home. Go to bed.” Snow told Henry as she and Charming started to walk out of the house.

“I honestly don’t think I can honestly sleep ever again.” Henry said as the Charmings walked out of the house with Roland.

Snow got the backup key from under the doormat and opened the door. Roland ran inside the house upstairs to Regina and Robin’s room right away.

Regina and Robin were resting peacefully after their passionate night. Still fully unaware that their child ran away to find Henry to ask him extremely awkward questions. The were nestled together. Limbs still tangled as their bare bodies provided each other warmth.

“Papa! Gina!” Roland yelled as the two love birds practically jumped to cover themselves.

“Roland?” Regina looked at the six year old curiously as he collected clothes from the floor.

Robin looked up to see the Charmings at the doorway. “What’s going on?” He covered up Regina and himself up more.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get your clothes on!” Roland yelled as he climbed on top of Regina and tried to put a shirt over her head.

“Roland came over to our house to ask Henry what you guys were doing.” Charming said.

“What we were doing?..” Robin sort of trailed off.

“He asked Henry if you guys were ‘playing a game.’” Charming said.

“Oh. So he saw-”

“Yep.” Charming popped the 'p’.

“Wait, what?” Regina’s eyes went huge as she looked at Robin.

“We’ll..leave you guys alone.” Snow awkwardly said as she closed the door.

“Gina, were you playing a game without me?” Roland asked.

“Noo sweetie!” Regina said as looked at the boy.

“Then what were you and papa doing?” Roland looked at his family.

“We were..Helping each other put clothes on.” Robin stole Henry’s excuse.

“Well, you guys didn’t do a good job.” Roland said, believing the lie.

“Haha, yes we didn’t .” Regina fake laughed. “Come on, lets get you to bed.” Regina said as she and Roland got out of bed.

But before Roland got out of their bed, he felt something sticky touch his hand. He looked to see something on the bed sheets.

“Regina, what’s that white stuff on the bed?”


S1 will always be my fav