Henry Mills published a book of fractured fairy tales, about a young orphan girl who learns she’s really a princess and that she is destined to be the hero of her people.  Along the way she finds love in all its many forms – romantic, platonic, familial – and her heart becomes her strongest weapon.  The book was wildly popular as a children’s book that appeals to a multigenerational audience, making Henry enough money to pay for his small apartment, and support himself while working on his next project.

Except money can’t buy happiness, and where Henry’s mind was once filled with visions and tales of other realms and real life princesses and pirates, after losing touch with his family and friends, he’s grown into a recluse trying to get that spark back.  He’s lost hope of ever writing again.  Henry has had writer’s block for as long as he can remember, put don’t try to pin him down on exactly when that happened.  All Henry knows is that he can’t remember the last time he put pen to paper.  At times, it feels like it’s been years forever, at others it feels like it was just yesterday.

Henry knows his young fans can get wrapped up in the tales woven through his storybook.  But he’s never had one track him down before, he’s never had one so deluded as to believe the story is real, that it’s about her family, that she’s his family.  He’s worried about her, a girl that young on her own and needing help.  There’s something familiar about her that he just can’t put his finger on, so he decides to do something to help…


one year with the charmings  »  Day 134

Thank you Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, and Jared Gilmore for blessing our screens with the Charming family for the past six years. You will be truly and dearly missed ❤️.