“I developed a trauma when I was young. I stayed at my music teacher’s house for months to practice violin. I worked hard and practiced diligently but I was scolded a lot. I suddenly thought of those times.” (x) (x)


Henry Twitter Update & Amber ‘s ReplyS | 150701

@henrylau89:   I will fear you no more @ajol_llama

@llama_ajol: @henrylau89 u will fear me… U will always fear me

@henrylau89: @llama_ajol ima make u so scared of me everytime u look at me ur gunna have a face like this. harharhar 조심해 ㅋ

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150705 Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”

Super Junior-M‘s Henry attempts to tackle a difficult piece on the violin in July 4′s episode of the tvN variety show “Always Cantare.” He works with a teacher to help him with a particularly hard part, but when he struggles with it he begins to look upset. He eventually stops playing and it’s clear that he’s started to cry.

“To be honest, when I was young I had an upsetting experience,” he explains in an interview. He says that when he was a kid, he spent a few months living at his violin teacher’s home. His teacher would sit next to him while he was playing and criticize him. “I know they were doing it all for me,” he says, “but when I was practicing earlier I suddenly thought about that time.”

His teacher sympathizes with him, telling him that she too had a scary teacher when she was a kid that used to make her really nervous. He eventually gets a handle on the difficult part, and takes a big sigh of relief and exhaustion.

In his interview, he talks a bit about his reputation as a musical genius. “Lately, some people around me call me a genius,” he says. “But I’m definitely not. When I was young, I practiced really, really hard. I don’t really think there’s such thing as a genius.”

Lastly, he adds with a smile, “And I’m still not that great, anyway.”

You can see Henry practicing with celebrity and non-celebrity musicians as an orchestra under maestro Geum Nan Sae every Saturday on “Always Cantare.”

Source: nate | soompi