Henry Doorly Zoo

So I have a very low tolerance level for stupid people and I’m not afraid to let them know I’m annoyed.

Yesterday I was at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha walking through the Kingdoms of the night section which is very dimly lit because it houses nocturnal animals. I was already feeling sad about other animals having stupid pigs taunting them all day when I noticed a family walking through with their flashlights on which would be fine if they hadn’t been shining them into the animals’ faces and disorienting them.

So I decided that I was going to do something about it and as this family is walking up to an albino alligator (it’s albino, it’s extremely sensitive to light you fucking dolts) with their flashlights out so I turn on the flash on my phone and start walking over to them acting like I wanna look too. I’m standing right next to them and suddenly I jerk my phone right up into their faces and they all start yelling at me and I just say “yeah, it’s not very fun having a bright light shined in your face when your eyes are used to the dark.”

I did it to them 3 more times before the assholes finally put away their flashlights.

This is Nickelodeon US’s schedule this Thanksgiving week (MON 11/20 TO SUN 11/26).

NEW Paradise Run (2 episodes, each half hour long) from Monday to Wednesday at 7.00PM. Black Friday brings the premiere of the long-awaited Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie at 7.00PM, right after a new Loud House at 6.30PM. A TV movie of the live-action series Henry Danger titled “Danger Games” premieres on Saturday at 8.00PM, and the Nickelodeon HALO Awards (awards teens who participate actively in their communities) air Sunday at 7.00PM, after an encore of Danger Games.

Unfortunately these endangered toads were all wiped out in the hurricane. Currently the amphibian department is sending aid to Puerto Rico, and once things get back under control, they’ll go back and redig artificial pools for these toads to live in. Currently the zoo has the biggest population with 375 individuals.