01 – 1991 - Sauber Mercedes C291 – Engine Mercedes-Benz M291 (Flat-12, 3.5 L)

Drivers —  Jochen Mass, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Michael Schumacher, Karl Wendlinger and others 

02 — 1990 -  Sauber Mercedes C11 -  Engine -  Mercedes-Benz M119 (V8, biturbo, 4973  cc)

Drivers — Mauro Baldi, Jochen Mass, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Heinz-  Harald Frentzen, Michael Schumacher, Karl Wendlinger

03 — 1987— Sauber Mercedes C9 —- Engine – Mercedes-Benz M119 (V8, biturbo, 4973 cc)

Drivers —– Mike Thackwell, Henri Pescarolo, Kenny Acheson, Mauro  Baldi, Jochen Mass, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Gianfranco Brancatelli, Alain Cudini, Stanley Dickens, Jean-Pierre  Jabouille, Manuel Reuter and others

04 – 1985 – Sauber Mercedes C8 -  Engine - Mercedes-Benz M117 (V8, biturbo, 5 L) 

Drivers —– Christian Danner, John Nielsen, Henri Pescarolo, Dieter Quester, Mike Thackwell and others                                                                                                    


Fast & funny⬇Norman Graham Hill
Graham Hill is one of or the the funniest guys ever in Motorsport. A character like him is missing in racing. He is one of my favourite in all time.
Born as son of a good British family he made a doctrine as a mechanic. He worked in this job, had good money but no driving licence.
He also was a strong member in a London rowing club, then he read an announcement in a car magazine:
Drive a F3 Cooper at Brands Hatch
1 lap = 5 shillings
After 4 laps & 1£ he got out of the car & was fascinated.
The money wasn’t enough for an own car, so helped at Brands Hatch & got often some free laps.
Colin Chapman hired him for his team as mechanic. Graham showed skills with the car & got a contract.(Hill owned a tuning garage in London)
He made his F1 debut in 1958. In 1960 he changed to BRM. In 1962 he got his first win & won also the championship. The next year’s he was one of the top drivers, but often had technical defects.
He wasn’t only in F1, he took wins in F2, tourcars, sports car & won the Indy500 in 1966.
He went back to Lotus in ‘67 & won his second title in 1968 after the death of his friend Jim Clark.
In 1969 he survived a huge crash at Watkins Glen. He broke both legs, but returned to racing in 1970. In the first race, he walked with crutches to his car. But his skills weren’t the same anymore.
He had less success driving for Rob Walker in 1970 & Brabham in 1971/72.
In 1972 he won with Henri Pescarolo on Matra the 24h of Le Mans, making the triple crown perfect (victory at the Indy500, 24h of Le Mans & Monaco GP/ f1 world championship). He is the only driver with this achievement.
In 1973 he founded Embassy Hill Racing, using own constructed car’s in 1975. He retired from racing in '75.
On 29th September 1975 he piloted himself & 6 team members including young Tony Brise from a test in France in his private plane (from the Indy500 prize money). 5 minutes before their destination the plane crashed in heavy fog on a golf course, killing all inmates.
Hill left wife Bette (married in 1955), son Damon (you know him)
He was a great guy. He was joking a lot.
He strengthened the morality of the Lotus team in 1968 after the deaths of Mike Spence & Clark.
Maybe you know some funny stories & quotes of him. Like the story with Lorenzo Bandini in late 1964. Or the jokes with his driver collegues. And the team parties.
When a driver crashed, he was often there and helped. For example teammate & “student” Jackie Stewart at Spa 1966, Clark’s fatal in 1968, Rindt at Montjuic '69 or Peter Revson’s fatal at Kyalami.
Hill had roles in some racing movies, Grand Prix (1966); Formula 1, in the he’ll of Grand Prix (1970).
He is also known as “ Mr. Monaco” because of his 5 wins there. His f1 career started there on 18th May 1958 & ended there on 11th May 1975 after a non-qualification.


to tape or to tape … that’s the question

the Alfa Romeo T33/3’s of Andrea de Adamich, Henri Pescarolo & Nino Vaccarella (33) and Nanni Galli & Rolf Stommelen (32), 1971 12 Hours of Sebring

a pretty good weekend for the alfisti, they qualified 11th & 5th respectively & finished the race 3nd & 2nd, behind the factory Porsche 917 of Elford & Larrousse


01 – 02 – Third-placed crew FerrierServaninTrisconi completed the Porsche 935 1-2-3 at Le Mans

03 – Graham Hill & Henri Pescarolo won the sad 1972 Le Mans 24 Hours V12 Matra MS670

04 – June 11, 1978, Le Mans Jean-Pierre JaussaudDidier Pironi win for Renault

05 — June 15, 1969, Le Mans Jacky IckxJackie Oliver win for Ford

06 — Le - Mans 1965 —-