Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau American Indian Struggling with a Gorilla 1910 Oil on canvas.

In my most recent project which is called the Garden at Night, I have decided to look at the work of Henri Rousseau and his amazing tropical jungle paintings. I hope to create a mysterious otherworldly feel to my designs.

Sophie Thompson - Textile Designer at Terrarium

Happy 170th birthday to Henri Rousseau. This self-taught painter was largely unrecognized during his lifetime and spent his days as a toll and tax collector. Many of his paintings show rich and beautiful jungle scenes, although he never saw a jungle himself—he was inspired by illustrated books and visits to botanical gardens. It just goes to show that you never know who around you might be a great artist, so the next time you see a toll worker, give them an extra smile, because they might just be the next Rousseau!

The Merry Jesters,” 1906, by Henri Rousseau