Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Gammell vs Helquist

A few examples (since i can only fit 10) comparing the illustrations of Gammell and Helquist in the 30th Anniversary edition of “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

1) Title Page

2) The Walk

3) The Haunted House

4) The Red Spot

5) Harold

I feel like the older illustrations were what made the stories even scarier.

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“"Hello hello hello”, Count Olaf said in a wheezy whisper. He was very tall and very thin, dressed in a gray suit that had many dark stains on it. His face was unshaven, and rather than two eyebrows, like most human beings have, he had just one long one. His eyes were very, very shiny, which made him look both hungry and angry.“
-Lemony Snicket : "The Bad Beginning”