soooo i just wrote like 3 imagines bc i am still trying to keep up w my whole “a new imagine everyday” thing!!! which ones would u like first?
- Connor Murphy x reader (late night, reader can’t sleep)
- Zoe Murphy x reader (babbling about feelings, frickin angsty)
- Evan Hansen x reader (sMuT??!?)

also how do y'all feel about smut??? like should i write more ??? should i just stop??? u tell me

I need help

I’m about to get kicked out of my grandparents home. I need money so me and my mother can rent an apartment. If any of you would like commissions for:
- Art
- Writing (Fanfics, OC stories, etc.)
- Photography.
I would be happy to oblige, once I set up my PayPal account. Any amount of money for any of these things is acceptable. Thanks.

If you want the sob story:

After my father found out his father was dying, he started drinking. Heavily. With his drinking, came the anger, the abuse, and the eventual downfall of our family. Him and my mother were constantly fighting, it often got physical, too.

He’s hit everyone in the family, as well as the dog; and his mother. Suicide was threatened, and attempted, many times on his part, and he got sent to a hospital, and later rehab, for suicide watch, and substance abuse.

Once he gets out of rehab, he’ll be going to prison for domestic abuse. However, the child support he’ll be paying isn’t enough to support a family of 2-3 people. Neither will the money my mother will make from high school teaching.

Me and my mother are currently living with my grandparents, and very soon we’ll be kicked out, due to the fact our grandfather is, just simply, a prick. We CAN NOT afford our own place right now, and we’re about to become homeless. Please, help.

Side info about me:
I am a trans boy, with a lot of mental illnesses.
I am currently unable to get an actual job.
I am home schooled, but I’ll be going to a public school sometime this or next year.
I live in Arkansas.
I am pansexual.
I am grey-romantic.
My boyfriend lives in NY state, and I am sadly, unable to visit him. (He’s genderfluid)
I really fuckin need money.

Thanks for reading my poorly written sob story, if you did.

anonymous asked:

Speaking of companions walking in front of your scope I once had Old Longfellow run directly in front of me literally JUST as I fired off a shot. It counted as a sneak attack, so not only had I just alerted every trapper within a 40 mile radius but my companion was already in need of a stimpack. Goddammit Longfellow

I haven’t actually played fallout for awhile until the other day, and since it was a little while after I started far harbor, I was looking for old longfellow but he wasn’t where I originally find him, where he at????? 



I’ll be taking commissions to start off the year. If your interested you can either dm me or email me at (for business purposes only) and payment will be handled completely via pay-pal. You should consider commissioning me if you want to support me directly.

All the details can be worked out between us, but I’m generally okay with drawing just about  anything.