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Animal activists and vegans help animals everyday by not eating them or supporting people who abuse them

i disagree HARD on that. This is such a middle class way of thinking. If youre vegan youre simply not BUYING meat, you arent doing anything to the meat industry. Youre still buying from shops and supermarkets who sell meat and thus still support animal cruelty. Youre not inpacting animal cruelty industry in any way, theyre still making as much as they were before veganism was “in”. Youre not doing anything FOR actual fucking animals. Youre not helping them, youre sitting on your ass drinking almond milk, being healthy, while there are animals starving and being abused everywhere. Doing something for animals is asking a butcher to give you meat scraps so you can feed them to the dogs in your local shelther, its saving leftovers to feed a stray cat in your street and this costs absolutely NOTHING, in contrary to a vegan diet which costs so much more than a normal one and is unachievable to people of the lower class.

my point is, if youre vegan thats cool and healthy and i would too if i had that kind of money and time BUT dont think youre doing animals a favour by going on a diet. Youre not doing more than someone eating a hamburger and later giving their leftovers to a stray dog or a farmer who eats meat but treats their animals well and feeds them or someone who eats meat but adopted a cat or took in a stray animal or literally anyone who eats meat but still ACTIVELY helps animals by feeding them, giving them shelther and caring for them.

Eleven Questions Meme, Pt. 2

Yesterday (?) @quasi-normalcy tagged me to do the meme where you answer eleven questions, then make up eleven of your own and tag eleven other people to answer those, and I already answered her questions in a separate post, so here are my questions.

1. The Titan Epimetheus has commissioned you to help him out designing animals. He doesn’t need a whole lot of help, though; he’s just hit a wall designing beetles. He loves beetles, he wants there to be a million different species of them, but he has hit his creative limit and would like you to take up some of the slack. What kind of beetle that doesn’t already exist would you make?

2. Do you ever think about what cellular respiration and metabolism would be like on another planet with a different distribution of elements? or, even, carbon-based life on a planet where the most commonly occurring carbon compounds don’t have any oxygen in them? (Like, say the atmosphere of a planet was mostly methane instead of mostly carbon dioxide. Or, like, what if there was sulfur in place of oxygen.) If you think about this, and you have any thoughts/speculations about it, what are they?

3. Try to imagine a creature whose native element is the air, that spends all of its time aloft, and to whom birds, bats and flying insects seem as strange as lungfish seem to us. What do you picture?

4. When you are told something is colorless, do you picture a color anyway? What color is it?

5. When I was little I read a fairy tale about a king who would only agree to marry his daughter to someone who could bring her a blue rose. Lots of people tried to fulfill this requirement by dyeing white roses blue, but the king said no, that doesn’t count, go away. If you wanted to marry the princess, what would you do? (Let’s say you don’t have the time or equipment to breed or engineer an actual blue rose. Let’s also stipulate that the princess wants to marry you, too, but is also interested to see if you can produce a blue rose.)

6. Which would you rather have: a second opposable thumb on each hand, in place of a pinky finger, or opposable thumbs on your feet? For the sake of this hypothetical scenario, let’s say that in either case you are guaranteed to have no trouble finding shoes/gloves to fit your unique digital arrangement. 

7. A very rude genie appears in front of you and says that, in accordance with a wish made by an unnamed third party, you are no longer able to wear black. All of your black clothes have spontaneously vanished from your closet, and if you were to acquire any more they, too, would vanish as soon as you put them on your body. 1. What color would you pick to fulfill whatever role black had played in your wardrobe, and 2. Would you try to do anything sneaky with your newfound ability to make black clothes disappear?

8. You are given the chance to ride one (1) animal that cannot normally be ridden. What will it be?

9. If people could photosynthesize like plants do, what do you imagine it would feel like?

10. What’s your favorite chemical structure to draw?

11. Which chemical structure do you find most pleasing to your aesthetic sensibility? If you gave a different answer for this question than you gave for #10, why are they different?

Tagging: No one specifically, because these are weird questions and I have no idea who would even want to answer them.

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by not buying meat youre voting with your money? if enough people do that it WILL make an impact and it is!! and its certainly doing more for animals by not paying into an industry that kills and abuses them!

you know whats doing even more for animals than that? Helping actual animals. By simply going on a diet youre doing something for yourself and youre telling yourself that youre doing good and that youre acting morally, while you sit on your ass doing nothing. If some of you were actually caring about animals youd DO SOMETHING. Buying a salad instead of a steak is not helping animals, the restaurant that sells meat which youre eating at is still profitting from you. Adopting from a shelther is helping animals. Recue work is helping animals. Volunteering at a vets office, a shelther, a farm is helping animals. Feeding stray animals is helping them. Going on a diet and sharing vegan dishes on facebook is not doing anything for animals, its doing something for yourself.

You should be at peace’

I dunno about you but if I got my mums still beating dissected heart from an ethereal floating whale child I would be a little conflicted about it :/

(you can tell I’ve never uploaded gifs before I don’t know how to unshite the quality)

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you, being realistic: veganism doesn't actually help animals because inaction can't really contribute anything to a cause | vegan, plugging their ears: NUH UH. NO. NOT BUYING MEAT SAVES ANIMALS


I haven’t animated in so long??

Myths About Betta Fish

I’m sick of the pet industry always fucking animals like the betta over so let’s get some things straight
MYTH: bettas like small spaces, they live in small rice paddies in the wild
REALITY: No they absolutely do not, sure some survive this, but it’s a cruel life to live. Rice paddies are actually quite big although shallow, the average male betta has about 3 feet of its own territory in the wild. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, but a 5-10 g is even better. You can get a 3 g tank from petco for like $10
MYTH: you should feed your betta whenever it is hungry
REALITY: a bettas stomach is the size of its eyeball, it is very easy to overfeed. I feed my betta 3 pellets twice a day, but lots of people feed at different times with different food so I suggest doing some research and deciding what works best for you.
MYTH: bettas are lazy
REALITY: bettas are inactive in small tanks because they’re aware that they have no space to swim and will hit walls, in larger tanks bettas are very active
MYTH: bettas can only be kept alone
REALITY: it is true that male betta fish cannot be kept with any other betta, but (depending on the bettas personality) bettas can be kept with fish that are smaller and drab looking that won’t bite your bettas tail. I keep my betta with 2 snails and 5 ghost shrimp and he rarely bothers them. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 5 which is called a sorority. Keep in mind that these options are only possible in large tanks with lots of hiding spots.
MYTH: bettas will eat live plants so you don’t have to feed them if you have plants in the tank
REALITY: bettas are CARNIVORES. They won’t eat plants, they will eat blood worms and brine shrimp which you can buy frozen. In fact feeding real prey is good along with pellets or flakes.
MYTH: bettas don’t need filtration or heat
REALITY: they need both. As far as filtration goes, strong currents don’t mix well with bettas so a sponge filter is best.
MYTH: bettas only live a couple months anyway, why should I be doing all this?
REALITY: with proper care, bettas can live 5 years.
MYTH: bettas and all other fish are dumb
REALITY: bettas are actually very smart and trainable. Mine was taught to jump out of the water on command and come when called (by wiggling fingers). Some people have taught bettas harder tricks such as going through a hoop. They can even learn when meal time is and be ready for it.
MYTH: My child will take care of the betta
REALITY: your child will lose interest within a week, YOU will be taking care of their fish. If you’re not okay with that don’t buy your kid a fish.
MYTH: I should completely change the tank each time I clean it
REALITY: you should instead do frequent partial water changes of about 40% of the water
MYTH: bettas are throw away pets
REALITY: there is no such thing as a throw away pet and if you think there is you shouldn’t own pets

Please always read care sheets before buying a pet because -newsflash- PET STORES LIE.
*drops mic*