We Need Your Help Please!

As some may already know, but my schools band got hit by an SUV today, leaving 12 injured and 4 critically hurt. This took place during a Mardi Gras parade this morning and it went worldwide in a heartbeat. I’m grateful that my close friends are not badly injured, but still, people got seriously hurt and I’m still affected. We are all family.

It just crushed me so much to rush over to the incident today and find people in the road with blood everywhere, in stretchers, and my dear friends crying in shock. I bawled my eyes out today, hoping my babies were safe and sound.

From what I know a flute player was run fully over and a sax player’s leg was turned completely the opposite way. And more injures took place with blood all in the street.

Thus far everyone seems to be okay with only several people still in the hospital. I only hope things get better from here on out and that I love you all so dearly, and I’m happy I could be there to support you all today through this tragedy.

If you’d like to donate money to help fund our small community, please let me know asap.

If you’d like to quickly donate the link is https://www.gofundme.com/gulf-shore-high-marching-funds

Help me graduate

So I wasn’t expecting everything to go so poorly in the past few weeks. I thought I was set for graduation; paid off what I had to, minus the loans of course, but now school has hit me we additional hundred dollar fees?? I went to the office to hand in some paper work and last minute they were like hey you actually owe us money we never decided to tell you about???

It’s bullshit, but basically, and I didn’t wanna do this, I need help. I’m a full time illustration student, with two part time jobs, that just get me through each month. I’ve been hit with a lot of money sensitive issues lately (my cat got really sick, i got really sick and senior thesis expenses). The fees I have accumulated are about $650 and I’ve already paid what I could off. This includes a senior year graduation fee of $100, which they never told me about and expenses from previous years that just added up over time without giving me notice. Apparently if I do not pay these off, I won’t graduate? So it’s great they told me 3 months before graduation! Thanks school.

Money will be very tight in the next few weeks for me due to more senior thesis expenses and now printing a whole portfolio.

If anyone has anything to spare, please donate, I’d really appreciate it! 

If you want, I can send you a small print in the mail if you include your address in the donation you send! 

My paypal is: snackstickart@gmail.com 

Please even just share/signal boost! Thank you!!

Please, help if you can


My family was wrongfully evicted early last week. We weren’t exactly given a real reason. My mother requested the eviction notice so we could receive assistance with rent (due to PTSD my mom had to step away from her EMS job, which greatly damaged the household). We were assured numerous times that we would not be evicted, and they even entered an agreement with the organization that if they provided payment, the landlords wouldn’t evict us. We were approved the money, and it was the day they would receive it, and they rejected payment. We lived in a VERY small, Southern county where this sort of thing happens often. We learned from the couple who we gave our chickens to the same thing had just happened to them, with the same judge presiding over the case. They took all of our belongings (except for the few necessities we were able to pack), and tried to take away our pets as well. My great pyrenees is up for becoming my service dog, and I was incredibly distressed. I still am right now. I want what’s best for her ultimately.. I feel so embarassed asking people to even just share this. Please, if all you can do is share please do, the more people who see this the better…we have a goal of $1,500 to get into a home we’ve been approved for. This money is for our deposit and first month’s rent. Please…I just want to go home.


Today is #SelfInjuryAwarenessDay. Together we can fight the stigma and remind everyone: you are wanted, you are loved. <3

For those who are struggling, reach out. To a loved one or trusted adult or one of the wonderful organizations that wants to help. Here are some places that offer support:



Miscellaneous worldwide sites

i am on anti depressants which cause me to have EXTREMELY vivid dreams including the one last night about me falling madly in love with donald trump. 

i mean it was VIVID and i was in his jet, hotel, everything. and i mean everything. 

it’s 4pm and i’m still trying to recover 

Hey, I have a question for other people playing Mystic Messenger. So today I can’t get into my game and a ‘network error’ thing keeps popping up. This has never happened before. I’ve closed out of the game, restarted my phone, restarted my wifi and nothing. I don’t want to reinstall the app because I will lose all of my progress and the game runs in real time and tomorrow was the end of this route!! Uuuuugh