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A U.S. Army soldier watches his team drive a M1131 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle on a driving range on Forward Operating Base Bastion, Helmand province, Afghanistan. The military has been using the Stryker since 2002 in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Richard W. Jones Jr, 27 FEB 2013.)

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Sniper Kills SIX Taliban With ONE Bullet

From half a mile away a British sniper takes aim at a Taliban fighter. What he didn’t know is that fighter was wearing a suicide vest…

The Lance Corporal who cannot be named, made the shot while on a specific mission to intercept a suspected suicide bomber. According to intel, the suicide bomber had intentions of blowing himself up at a nearby ANA (Afghan National Army) checkpoint, or British base.

The shot was taken during a 425 man operation that included 335 British soldiers and 90 Afghan troops on December 14th 2013. The recon force made contact with a group of about 20 Taliban fighters at dawn, and a massive firefight broke out.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Slack reported that the sniper identified the suicide bomber as he was moving down a tree line coming up over a ditch. The targeted Taliban fighter was wearing a winter shawl, and was carrying a PKM.

As the fighter presented himself from over 4,400 ft away, the Lance Corporal squeezed off a single .338 round  from his L115A3 sniper rifle,  that struck the suicide bomber’s vest igniting the explosive charges and killing 5 other fighters surrounding him.

Across the radio the Lance Corporal stated, “I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber.” A patrolling UAV confirmed the assumption, as 5 bodies lay motionless around the smoldering ground.