Hellyer Velodrome Keirin Race

Hellyer Velodrome Beginner Session

So this past Saturday I decided to do something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. Ever since I got a fixed gear/track bike I’ve always wanted to ride the Hellyer velodrome. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like the hipster nascar. Like a running track for runners, the velodrome is a place where track cyclist want to go fast. And boy, did I go faster than ever before. I think I’m hooked.

The session was nerve racking at first. Keeping a line and trying to keep pace with the wheel infront of you is pretty scary. Not to mention that you’re rolling at a pretty fast pace to begin with. I had to think about multiple factors riding the track in a paceline. What I realize though, is that if i just focus on the wheel in front of me then I would have a better time. I’m so use to looking forward on the road for more hazards that it was a bit of an adjustment to get use to. But once I got I had a better time keeping line.

The steepness of the banking on the velodrome was also daunting at first but was pretty easy to get use to. One thing I learned was that the banking is your friend.

Like I said earlier, I’m hooked. It’s good that I’m doing it with one of my good friends. That’s one of the thing that held me back from doing it earlier before. We’re going to try and do this on a constant basis, because it was totally fun. I also found myself not to tired. If I wasn’t doing my daily rides, I’m sure the effort we were doing would have been a pain in my legs. Haha.