Why MTV’s “Sweet/Vicious” needs to be renewed for a second season — especially now
"Sweet/Vicious" shows survivors and women helping other women. They take matters into their own hands.

ICYMI- my hellogiggles article came out and it’s about a show i really love. sweet/vicious fights the good fight and that’s exactly what we need nowadays.


Jennifer Lopez’s makeup-free Dubsmash is giving us life on HelloGiggles

How ‘Hairspray’ helped me embrace my body
Some people are just born big. I’ve been bowling-ball shaped, barrel-shaped, apple-shaped and hourglass-shaped, but regardless of shape the one thing I’ve never been is small. Not once in my memory have I ever fit into a single-digit pant size, and the one time I managed to get into a size 8 dress—at a formalwear store in Panama City, looking for my junior prom gown—the corset laced so poorly that I ended up looking like a diamondback rattlesnake. I walked out with a size 16 cotton-candy-fluff monstrosity that necessitated assistance as I got into my boyfriend’s Pontiac, but the dress that sticks in my mind is the one with the smallest waist. The fact that I fit into it at all at the time was a point of inane pride. While I’ve never been thin and probably never will be, the desire to be thin manifested in me as early as age seven. Somewhere along the line I must have picked up a hundred contradictory ideas about food, activity and bodies. Exercising ...

Because you can name a dozen movies where the chubby guy gets the hot girl, but this is the only one in pop culture where the chubby girl gets the heartthrob.


This DIY galaxy chandelier will really improve your SPACE😉
Find the instructions here: http://hellogiggles.com/video/diy-videos/diy-galaxy-chandelier/

Lorelai : The poptart tasted like freedom, and rebellion and independence.

Rory: Wow. That’s some pop-tart. What flavor was that?

I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS. (But you didn’t need me to tell you that)

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Think happy, think pudding!

Can body positivity save me from hating my skin?

I can think of lots of reasons to love my body. It gets me where I want to go; it craves, eats and turns food into energy for me; it is constantly working to keep me alive and well. I don’t always feel loving toward my body when I look in the mirror but the thoughts are there, behind my insecurities. I preach body love and acceptance to others, and most of the time, I believe it myself. Then I break out in acne…

I wrote a lil thing for HelloGiggles about *trying* to learn to accept my acne through body positivity. Some of the comments (on fb) seem to think I am claiming it’s as simple as just ~accepting urself~ but it really is much harder than that. I don’t love my skin yet, but I’m trying. I hope this helps others who are trying, that’s all.

Wands up! 15 tattoos for those who want a little more magic in their lives
Magical tattoos are, well, ~magical~ and we've come up with a list featuring some of our favorite spellbinding tats on Instagram.

Magical tattoos are, well, ~magical~ and we’ve come up with a list featuring some of our favorite spellbinding tats on Instagram.

We interviewed Katie Coyle, author of ‘Vivian Apple at the End of the World’

I may have said this before in this very column, but there’s no better feeling than getting completely, totally, stay-up-late-reading-even-though-you-have-to-work-in-the-morning caught up in a book. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you guys about Katie Coyle’s fantastic novel Vivian Apple at the End of the World, a book I wasn’t able to put down until I finished it. If you like reading about cults, close girl friendships, badass gals figuring things out, road trips, the end of the world, romance, or any combination of those topics, then this is a book you’re going to love. In Vivian Apple’s reality, people are either Believers or Nonbelievers. Believers accept the Church of America’s claim that the Rapture is coming soon, but Vivian’s a bit too cynical to buy into it. When her parents disappear, though, Vivian wants answers about what happened…so she and her friends embark on a cross-country road trip to uncover the truth. It’s exciting, realistic, and best …

If you’re interested in religious cults and/or the apocalypse, I HIGHLY recommend reading Katie Coyle’s VIVIAN APPLE AT THE END OF THE WORLD. It comes out Tuesday, but you can read my interview with her right now on HelloGiggles! Don’t worry, I asked a question about One Direction. 


Because cramps are the WORST.