Hello Dave

I think SBURB would be way more likely to pick 4 kids of different races, cultures, religions and ways of life than to pick 4 Caucasian kids to play as the worlds saviors.

(please, pLEASE dont do the race!kidsname in the tags, that just proves their ‘canon’ skin is automatically nothing but white)


Sort of a continuation to the FTM Dave and FTM Karkat post. It was popular and stuff and I wanted to add what happened after they turned male and met again.

(Pay no attention to Karkat’s pink leg I must have forgotten to erase the original sketch and I can’t go back now so-)

Hello! I do the music thing!

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Such a channel and the extensions themselves, are really good for studying, work and playing in the background with other games.

In 2017 I plan to finish a large majority if not all of the most popular Homestuck albums and start moving onto either remixing my own music or really getting to making a totally comprehensive extension library with lesser known fan albums.

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