Hello... is it me you’re looking for?...

Aries: !?!??!?!! WHAT THE F***

Taurus: hmmmm actually no. nope.

Gemini: *sings passionately* I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYESSSS!!!

Cancer: lol r u hitting on me or something?…. cause its working ;)

Leo:…….. I don’t……..know……. is it?…..

Virgo: I’m hanging up.


Scorpio: no but I bet I’M the one YOU’RE looking for. get lost you perv

Sagittarius: *sings passionately* HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEE!!!!

Capricorn: what the.. I’m in the middle of something you moron BE GONE

Aquarius: omg lollll you’re so crazy how did you know? i did look for you lol such a coincidence

Pisces: ACTUALLY…….. I THINK IT IS YOU. are you are Joe?? Steffen told me to give you this package. Though it’s kinda weird he told me you’re gonna be tall and slim not short and bald 0.0 oh well ^^


Summary: You meet the love of your life on a bus. Based on “Hello” by Adele.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angstttt

a/N: listen to the song mentioned above if you really want to cry. I may or may not write a version from Bucky’s POV.

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You never even said hello. But you knew, from the moment the steel blue eyes found yours and he smiled, he was the one. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes set your heart asunder, and his wide smile felt like a dream. You swore, from the moment he slid into the seat opposite yours on the 10:15, you’d never love another man as much as him.

It’s raining when he boards, a hood pulled up over his head. You were watching the drizzle run down the windows, feeling especially somber as the moonlight tried to peer through the overhead clouds.

He sat with his back to the window, one leg propped up and the other foot planted on the bottom of the bus. He pushed the hood back and his long, dark hair hung over his forehead. A stubble licks his square jaw and sharp cheekbones, and he instantly takes your breath away.

You nearly toppled over, not paying attention, as the bus lurched forward and grabbed your bag just in time to stop it from rolling out of the seat and onto the floor. The embarrassment flushed your cheeks as a few things toppled out of the open zipper.

A tube of lipstick rolled across the floor and you mentally cursed as it went beneath his seat. His eyes flickered to it and he bent to the side, scooping it up in his fingers and flashing you that smile. He reads the label, grin spreading, and scoots to the end of the seat to hand it to you. You smile back at him and reach, your fingertips brushing his as you accept it. There’s lightning in your veins and a thunder in your chest even as he sits back into the seat, turning the page of his book.

You turn the lipstick tube over and your stomach jumps when you read the label: “Love at First Sight.” You jam it into your purse and stare back at the window, watching the stranger’s reflection. He looks down at the book, but it’s almost as though he can’t focus, because he keeps glancing up at you. You think about saying something to him: your name, maybe. But you don’t, because you’re nervous and he’s beautiful.

You’re the only two on the bus after the next stop, and you’ve never felt so intimate before. Sitting at the back of the bus, a stranger across from you and there’s a static in the air that burns your skin. It felt like making love, and you chew on your thumb and chance another look at this perfect man. His lips are pursed and you think, maybe you could kiss him. He would taste like the rain and like peppermint and danger. He shifts in his chair, fully aware that you’re looking at him and you tear your eyes away when he straightens out his leg. His shoe is almost touching your seat and you shiver, stopping yourself from wrapping your hand around his ankle.

He was gorgeous, that much was true. But there was something about the way his fingers slid along the pages of his book, or the way his tongue ran between his lips, that made you feel like you’d been hit by a truck. There was more than physical attraction; it was something in your bones, something deep seated that you couldn’t explain.

The rain started coming down as lightning streaked across the sky, painting it with gold and purple ribbons. The streets were slick and dark, dotted by streetlights like fluorescent stars. The lights of the bus hummed and you counted the spaces between rolls of thunder. The man across from you put his feet back down on the floor of the bus, his sneakers squeaking. He was a restless as your mind, and you tried to think of something to say to him. Something that wouldn’t make you look stupid or desperate or crazy, but the only things you could think of were too cheesy, too “Where have you been all my life?”

The man closes his book and tugs on the sleeves of his coat and scoots away from the window, closer to the aisle and closer to you. You’re already at the edge by now and his knee almost touches yours for the faintest moment, but then he stands up and tugs the hood over his head, making his way to the front of the bus as it slows down. The bus slows to a stop you wish time would do the same. The driver opens the door, letting in the noise of the rain pattering on the sidewalk outside.

You can’t help it. You stand up and for a moment, you think about getting off. But your feet are glued to the floor and you watch him descend the stairs and the door closes with a creak. Now all you hear is the distant thunder and your heartbeat. You sink back into the seat and melt into your window, watching the rain drip down the pane of glass.

A shadow outside your window spills across a nearby building and, though it’s too dark to tell, you know it’s him. You never said hello, but you feel you know him like you know yourself. He walks under a streetlamp as the bus begins to pull away and the eagerness overwhelms you.

He pauses, barely still in the light, turning to look back at the bus. His eyes are dark, but you know he’s looking right into your window at you. You almost yell at the driver to stop, to let you off and let fate have its way with you. That’s the man of your dreams, your destiny-

But then he turns his back and disappears into the dark. He didn’t even say goodbye.

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