necrogen-egregore  asked:

Hey! If you had to pick three or four of your best custom cards, which ones would they be? Cheers!

So I decided to go through and pick one card from each rarity.

First up is a White removal spell at common:

I always thought it was weird that White is one of the colors that can lock out graveyards, but it didn’t really have a removal spell that tapped into that mechanical theme. Damage and restriction help it feel White next to Magma Spray.

Uncommon is another removal spell, but one that would show up as a Red/Green hybrid card:

This was a top-down design based on this art, which I thought looked silly and fun. This plays in fight’s space, but obviously without the targeted creature returning fire.

I love Hellions, and I love that Doug made Hellion Crucible after the set’s creature count had already been reached. So I decided to put an Ooze-y spin on that idea:

I also love esoteric counter types, and I’d love to see slime counters come back one day. Green has a lot of mana and can untap lands, so these strengths play into this land’s ability to be a free creature. I like that after two counters, the creature you get is the same size as the Hellion token, but you can keep increasing the size because you’re Green and you’re all about growth. Also, here’s a token for it:

The mythic I wanted to share tonight is a theoretical Homarid planeswalker:

Also have a token for him:

The key to making a Homarid planeswalker is to figure out what the Homarids are about. There aren’t many cards for them, but looking at their motivations makes it clear: Homarids are about lands. They invade Vodalian Merfolk territory to take their waters, flood the forests, and expand Homarid rule onto Sarpadia. Basically, they’re terraformers of an aquatic flavor.

The tribe is also notable for its Camarid tokens. Since having those two names is super confusing, I chose to just stick to the Homarid subtype. Finally, Blue is all about stealing, so I made lands and Islands matter for the ultimate.

I like the decision that comes with an otherwise lackluster looking plus ability; do you make your lands Islands so you can get more tokens, or do you make an opponent’s lands Islands so you can steal them? Or maybe you just want to make your non-Blue-mana-producing lands into dual (or tri or quad) lands. Or maybe you’re in mono-Blue and just want to use this card as a Blue Hordeling Outburst. It’s a flexible card that can play into both aggro and control game plans.