Once, when Allura was small, Alfor took her to his lab where he was working on the Lions. She is so excited, blabbering away happily but at that moment his assistant asks him to go through some reports. He literally turns his head for one (1) second and suddenly he realizes that Allura is gone.

Everyone flips out and they’re searching for her and calling out her name when they hear a faint ‘Papa!!’

She’s on the fucking black lion’s incomplete head, giggling away like anything.

Alfor’s “HOW THE QUIZNAK DID SHE GET UP THERE??????????” was heard all the way to daibazal

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did you ever thought of a possible iago/kana design? just corious 🙈

Until now, no I had not thought about that. But you know what?

If some strange chain of events led to an Iago!Kana, this kid would probably be the polar opposite of Izana!Kana. Why, you ask? Because you’d expect a terrible little hellchild from Iago. Instead you end up with this sweet, timid little child who doesn’t really cause any trouble and prefers to keep to himself. He tends to hide behind his parents.

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hi, do you have any crewt headcanons about cooking/who's the better cook? how do they keep themselves fed when away from convenient restaurants and Tina and Queenie?

Newt has about The Worst eating habits. If they can even be called habits. Newt is a Hufflepuff On the Move and food is fuel that gets shoveled into his mouth as it’s needed. He doesn’t even pay attention much to what he does or doesnt like (minus mushrooms, which are about the worst thing reasonable humans could try to pass off as food) he just keeps a supply of bread and random sausages around and shoves them together.

Credence isn’t necessarily a GREAT cook, but he often was tasked with making the soup for the orphans that came to the church and he also makes it his God Sworn Task to try and take care of Newt. Because Credence sees the world as an exchange of tasks and Newt has done so much good for him that he can’t do anything but always try to repay him. Also because he once saw Newt go for a whole week on tea, bread, and some carrots he pulled right from the ground and he really wondered how this man was still alive. 

Newt does have a good supply of vegetables at least. He has quite the impressive garden area of the suitcase where he grows food for him, the animals, and a section of magical plants for potions. Credence is good at making sure those vegetables at least get cleaned before Newt shoves them into his mouth.

Eventually Newt realizes that Credence keeps cooking for him and is like “oh my god I took this guy in and have been offering him the same ham sandwich every day or a month I really need to step up here”

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What would each of the couples do if they had to watch Chip for a day? And would this influence them to have children? 😉

Pretty sure Lumiere and Plumette are gonna have kids and this is ONLY because I am bound and determined for their daughter to be played by Zendaya. Also her name is some terrible French-sounding pheonix pun, and yes She Is All Things Bright and Beautiful. Chip’s hellchild adolescent phase does nothing to turn Plumette and Lumiere off the idea of kiddos. They are great (if totally unsafe and not respectable) baby sitters; they’re the ones who do fun but stupid shit. What do you MEAN rollerblading down the staircases wasn’t an AWESOME idea? Nyoooooom.

Belle and Adam are fun but more Educational. Like this is where Chip has Milton read aloud to him, and where he’s taken horse riding, and where he gets to sit and watch Belle invent and hand her tools. (He’s not good at predicting exactly what she needs, but he’s right 70% of the time.) Adam builds him a Swingset and it’s fucking wild. Belle isn’t sure about kids, but after enough total bliss spent reading Chaucer to a child spinning around on a swing Adam built…..lets just say she falls totally in love with it

Garderobe and Cadenza do not need a child??? They have FrouFrou. He is the child. 🐶 But they are ok babysitters anyway—neither too attentive, so Chip can pull off way more than he should, but sort of good at getting him to sit down and think. Garderobe teaches him to sing a duet with her, and Cadenza gives him a triangle.

They are never having frickin kids, though. Frou Frou would riot.

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Okay this is out there but i think your characterization of Mari is pretty spot on from fam considering we dont get to see much of her in canon (also this is for the ask meme lol) but like reading how you write her :00

oh my god thank you so much <3 <3 . I love Mari a lot, and I see bits of myself in her personality, so have a few Katsuki Mari interpretations:

  1. Mari loves her family. She loves and respects her parents, and she loves her brother. She was probably a hellchild growing up, but she learned when she got older that Yuuri was softer than she was and needed someone to watch over him. She didn’t often intervene in his personal problems, but she always kept an eye out for him and made sure that even if Yuuri didn’t know at the time, everyone else did—that’s her brother, and no one better mess with him.
  2. Mari has a faceted personality. There’s a side of her that’s a little bit harsh; the side that drinks and doesn’t wear makeup, the side that smokes and doesn’t bother dressing up. But there’s a side of her that’s bright and bubbly, too—the side of her that dyed her hair blond before she cut it all off and let it grow out into that ombre-style, and the side that keeps up with her idols in the media. That’s the side of Mari that cheers Yurio on and lets her have a good time when she’s not at Yutopia and we see her goofing off with Minako.
  3. Mari gave something up to stay home and run Yutopia. Something tells me that she does it out of duty, not because of choice. Whether it’s because she’s the oldest and it was always expected of her, or whether her parents had a health scare, or maybe when they fell on financial hard times (since it’s mentioned that Yutopia is the last onsen of its kind in Hasetsu, and Hiroko and Toshiya make a few comments about bringing in business), Mari did not stay because she wanted to. But she does. She probably always will. But I think she had bigger dreams once, whatever those were.
  4. Mari loved Vicchan. Loved him. But she doesn’t blame Yuuri for not coming home. She knows that Yuuri needed to leave the nest and stretch his wings. Mari always wanted to leave, but Yuuri never did. So when he left, she took care of his dog. She loved that dog. Vicchan probably slept on her bed every night. But when Yuuri comes home and starts crying at the altar one night, Mari brings out the pictures and sits with him. She makes him feel better, and tells Yuuri that even if he wasn’t home, Vicchan always knew Yuuri loved him.
  5. Mari likes Victor. She does. She really does. But she knows that celebrities are not always what a fan wants them to be, and at first, she is probably wary of him. She treats him like she treated Yuuri’s classmates—like they could be friends, but she was never sure if they were going to hurt her brother, and she was ready to change her mind about them at any moment. This stays with her for a long time, probably through most of the spring and well into the summer while Yuuri is training with Victor. And there will be a point at some moment in the future where she changes her mind about him for good. Probably when Victor comes home in ep. 8.

I really do wonder what happened to Cartman from the beginning of the show up to now. In the earlier seasons he was more of an ignorant, misguided, foul-mouthed, fatter version of Bart Simpson.

He was an asshole but at one time had more of a child’s innocence then somewhere he transformed into some demonic, racist, anti-semitic Hellchild. What happened to you, Cartman?

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ok so im looking through your page to find a decent chara guide to draw them, but theres like three versions. mind tagging me on which is the new or main version? - AC/NS

Okay, for the sake of everyone confused, heres a handy Chara Guide

-The Alpha Chara
-Not really
-Is very nervous about everything
-Eats too much candy
-Really needs a hug
-Really doesn’t want to be touched

-Should not be here.
-Managed to poke in anyways.
-Is trying to get her own happy ending.
-Made me remember how bad I am at mimicking art styles.
-Comes from a dimension where shading is a thing

-Shark teeth
-Poofy hair like Frisk’s
-Is probably Pre-True-Reset-Underchara
-Spooky ghost