Sammael is such an ultra adorable and aesthetically A+ monster, the suits are works of art and I want to hug them!

If you watch the Faun in motion, you’ll see it blink and wiggle its ears. That’s mechanical, and it was like having to work on your computer with your head stuck in a bee’s nest. “My vision was through the tear ducts of this mask. So I could basically see through two toilet rolls all day. There were mechanics built into my head, servos and motors and batteries. [They operated] eyebrow movement, eyelid movement, and the ears flopping around, there’s a lot of [Editor’s note: At this point, Dougie made a buzzing noise that sounded like a fax machine vomiting up a smaller fax machine] in your ears all day long. And you’ve got to listen to dialogue cues over [it]. Couldn’t hear, couldn’t see. When you’re up on stilts, you’re not confident with your steps. The horns were extremely heavy, because that’s where they tucked all the batteries. Add to that reams of Spanish dialogue, a language I don’t speak. So the memorization process was grueling on top of the five-hour application process and performance issues that came with that.”

Plus, you’ve gotta be nice, because no matter how much crap you’re wearing, taking it out on a 12-year-old would still be a jerk move.

When CGI Won’t Cut It: 6 Realities Of Being A Movie Monster