there is this mare in the stable and she’s so beautiful, like i’m literally in love with her, like i’ve never seen such beutiful animal in my life and i literally just pee my pants when i see her hahahaha.

But Look How Things Have Turned Out.

Varvara is one of my favorite characters. Or maybe it’s better to describe her as a narrative effect?

And check out that ring.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #143 (July 2016)

Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Laurence Campbell and Dave Stewart

Dark Horse Comics

Last week I met up with the lovely @azurish in order to do some sight-seeing, which was tremendous fun. I hold her largely responsible for part of my spiral into Star Wars hell, namely for trojan-horsing me deep deep into the Wedge Antilles fandom. So, in her honour, here is my fab favourite x-wing pilot.

Mun mutters

I have a clinic spawned from the depths of hell eventing horse camp all this week so during the day I’ll be gone. Just lettin y’all know~! I’ll be here during the evenings but our barn doesn’t have wifi so…

  • me:my favorite types of pokemon are ones i could conceivably ride and my favorite pokemon move is earthquake
  • game freak:[releases 8 foot tall ground-type mud horse]
  • me:helL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

youcanthandelthetruth  asked:

Write something about: conflicted loyalty, lady knights, a token of power?

She rode her horse hell-for-leather into the marble-paved courtyard and pulled the reins to force it into a sharp stop. Dismounting gracelessly and tossing her sword to an astonished guard, she entered the villa, her boots clicking in the silence.

Still breathing heavily, she ran up the stairs, ignoring the cloud of servants who followed her impetuous arrival, scolding and trying to stop her. She took turns she knew better than her own hand, slid full tilt around corners. And yanked open the solar door.  

The woman who turned her head to look at her was exquisitely beautiful. Her auburn hair was carefully arranged to look carefree, framing a strong-featured face. She wore immaculate white, hemmed with gold. One hand held a book of poems; she leaned on the other arm. She was the picture of elegant calm, and the rider felt, for a second, the intimidation she knew the other woman wanted people to feel.

“Istel,” said the lounging woman. “Why have you come?”

Istel stopped and stared at her. “Why have I come? You dare ask me that? I have come, Anaria, to offer you heart and hand and sword. You bade me, a year ago, to bring you the rose that grows in the Fields of Youth – well,” she said, and drew it from her cloak, “here it is. I thought, Anaria, that you loved me well enough that you needed no token – but since you do, I have brought what you asked for.”  

She said nothing, but moved her right hand slightly as she sat up. Something caught the light, a brief flash.

Istel looked at her hand and stilled absolutely. “So,” she said. “You have accepted her suit, then.”  

“She is queen,” Anaria said helplessly. “I could not refuse her.”

“Do you love her?”

“I – she seems to me to be beyond my love. But I will be a good Consort. I will smile and look pretty and greet the ambassadors of all the varied lands. I’m useless, Istel. A flower.”  She took the unwithered rose from Istel’s numb hand. “It is all I am good for.”

“Is that what your father says? I admit, when you put the wild road and the thick forest beside the halls of state, the first suffer by the comparison! But I love you, Istel, and that woman has never loved in her life. I can show you the leap of the salmon, like the dancers in the hall, and the froth of the falls, like lace on a gown. I offer you no diamond but the stars, no gold but the sun and the growing grain. And I offer you what has always been yours – my heart.”

“You have come too late, Istel,” said Anaria.

“Tell me that you love me, and I will leave in peace.”  

“I love you, Istel. If I had given my word to any other woman, I’d break it for you in a second. But she is queen, and she needs a steady consort by her side. I love you. I love this country more. Marrying me, Istel, she shows that my father is pardoned for my mother’s revolt; she offers an open hand to the great lords; she begins to bridge the chasm at the country’s heart. She needs me. You love me; but you can find another woman to love. She cannot find another woman who is the daughter of a traitor, who is so valuable as I am.”

“Keep the rose,” said Istel, and turned on her heel.

I drank the rest of my vodka and took maybe 5 Xanax so apologies if I m not making sense
So we can’t move frosty to the new barn bc of liability issues and insurance stuff and mom still wants to sell frosty and I don’t know what to do
I’ve failed . I will never be my old self and I may never be able to ride again and I didn’t want to give up but now I have to
I just want to be normal and healthy and be able to make my own decisions in life and have responsibilities
What do I have left to look forward to ?? Anythin ??! I can’t work, go to school, move out, take care of a horse, ride, hell I can hardly drive most days
I want to just take mu whole bottle of Xanax and sleep for the next year I don’t know
I’m a worthless piece of shit!! Really all I do is waste my parents money and cry all day and waste away
What do I do why is this happening I want to be healthy again please