Evan had been working on making the old, dusty house a new home for his wife and his kid. As far as he could tell, he did a pretty good job. After his grandparents died, he was made the owner of the house, but he never thought it could be put to use.

The house had a pool, a little garden, and lots of space for his child to run around.

Being there made him feel nostalgic, the last time he was around was when his grandparents were still alive, but that was when he was 16 years old. A lot had happened since then.

Now here he was, back to his hometown, Brindleton Bay.


This show has meant the world to me for the past five years. I’m so glad I’ve been a part of it from the beginning to the end. The Partisan, The Apothecary, The Huntress, The Matriarch, or The Martyr, the future will always be female. Farewell, Orphan Black.


“my sister and I are orphans, you see, and, uh, we could have ended up anywhere. we could have ended up in any family. and if we had, we would have been entirely different people. but my mom, siobhan. this woman, she chose us as her own. we are who we are because she carried two little london urchins on her wings to canada. watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter finding my biological sister, it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. a choice of nature versus nurture. so, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.”