Helen Shivers


Favourite Badass Horror Movie Ladies!

1. Casey Becker - Scream

2. Helen Shivers - I Know What You Did Last Summer

3. Tatum Riley - Scream

4. Sue Snell - Carrie

5. Laurie Strode - Halloween

6. Clear Rivers - Final Destination

7. Nancy Thompson - Nightmare on Elm Street

8. Ivy Pearson - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 

I have always felt, and I know a lot of people agree, that the survivors in I know What You Did Last Summer should have been Helen and Barry, or even just Helen.

For one thing, from what I’ve read, most people seem to prefer Helen to Julie. Also, it would have subverted expectations by having the less “innocent” girl be the survivor.

As for Barry, he was a jerk, but I think he showed signs of redemption. Plus, he was so much more interesting than Ray.