Get to Know Me Meme: || [5/10] Favourite Actresses || Helen Mirren

I think every woman in our culture is a feminist. They may refuse to articulate it, but if you were to take any woman back 40 years and say, ‘Is this a world you want to live in?’ They would say, 'No.’…  ‘For me feminism is just fucking obvious. It is not an ideological or a political thing. We’re half the population. I don’t even see it as a cause: it’s just fucking obvious!’


“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” —Patricia Arquette.


The amazing thing is that apart from my sister, who’s a couple years older than me, the Queen is the one person who’s been in my life the longest. My parents are gone. The Queen was there from the moment I was born, and she’s still there, and she’s still a part of my British being.

The hardest period in life is one’s twenties. It’s a shame because you’re your most gorgeous and you’re physically in peak condition. But it’s actually when you’re most insecure and full of self-doubt. When you don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s frightening.