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how tall would you say darling is

The heights currently hammered out for the AU are as follows, in order of tallest to shortest:

  • Darling: Just over 7′ including horns, 6′2″ without (Literally 3′6″ of that is his skinny legs though)
  • Sammy*: 6′1″
  • Henry: 5′4″ (He is small. Very small.)
  • Alice: 4′9″ (without halo)
  • Devil: 2′7″

*Sammy’s height hasn’t been finalized yet as I still need to do a bit of research, but from what I can see in-game that boy is tall, coming nearly to the top of the doors in the studio. The door I’m using for reference looks a bit stubby, so let’s put it at maybe a 6′6″ door. Being nearly as tall as the door, I’m going to put Sammy (at least in his inky form) at around 6′1″:

- Fara

Height Headcanons!

I’m aware these aren’t reflected in the show but whatevs. The heights of characters seem to fluctuate anyways. Although, in the anime (at least in the original series/johto) it really seemed like all the Rockets were intended to be pretty goddam tall. Idk that might just be me.


  • Rather tall
  • Appears taller than Butch and Cassidy because of his skinny stature
  • Next to them you can tell he’s shorter


  • Pretty tall in comparison to other people
  • Shortest of the Rockets
  • Smol and scrappy
  • Insecure about height bc of Cassidy
  • Her boots give her extra height and make her appear almost as tall as James


  • Very tall!
  • Tallest of the Rockets
  • All legs
  • Likes that she makes Jessie feel short
  • Wears shoes that don’t give her much height


  • Slightly taller than James and slightly shorter than Cassidy
  • Looks shorter than he is
  • Confident in his height 
  • Turned on by his partner’s height

Incredible waterfall, Indonesia