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I have serious difficult in doing the line art, shaking lines, one line over others that do everything looks awful for me :( idk what to do to make it looks better...

that’s okay!! i know a lot of artists who have trouble with shaky lines or lack of a steady hand. and i think there are a few ways you can go with it!

one of my professors recommended to people who have shaky lines and just cannot fix it said that you should embrace it! there was an artist he mentioned (who i cannot remember the name of 😩 i’m sorry!) who struggled with shaking hands (it might have been from a condition he had or something?) and he just decided to go with it and incorporated it into his style and made beautiful work!

doing very smooth lines or precise work may not be for you. try to be looser, let your lines be jagged and weird! look up Heidi Smith. she did concept work for ParaNorman. she’s got some shaky messy stuff going on and i think it’s beautiful! 


you need more practice! i think with more confidence and expertise sometimes you can smooth out those lines. sometimes when you draw too slowly or too methodically your lines can shake if you don’t have the steadiest hand. so it might help you if you start drawing faster. additionally, the more practice you have the less amount of lines you’ll be drawing until you find THAT RIGHT ONE! 

it can help too, say if you’re drawing the side of an arm, instead of using a bunch of little hatches to do it, try to just do it in one or two strokes. and go quickly! 


part of the problem could be your materials and tools, if you’re working traditionally. some types of paper are better for smoother lines and some types of paper can really bring out the worst in you. i learned that this year when my drawing teacher brought in like 6 different types of paper for us to try. some made my lines all pretty and nice, and some really hindered my drawing.

the pens/pencils/brushes you’re using factor into this as well. some materials work better for some people than others. some people don’t have the control needed to use an ink brush so a felt tip would be better. but then you gotta try out different kinds of felt tips because they are not all equal! or something else entirely might be better. you gotta experiment! JetPens.com is a great place to look!

if you are working digitally, depending on the program you’re in, there may actually be an option to help smooth your lines, which kind of forces your pen to move a bit slower i think? that could be an option! your tablet or it’s settings could also be hindering you.

but all in all, don’t let your shakiness get you down too much or prevent you from drawing! the only way to improve and accept it is to practice and experiment. you can do it!! 

let me know if you have other questions and i hope this could help a bit! :)


Character designs for cancelled stop-motion feature film “The Shadow King”. (2011-2012)

Some characters were designed with Heidi Smith.


So I have been thinking about my future job and what I would love to do… I have got really into animation especially the work from Laika also my love of the regular show helps.. I’ve been looking at Shane Prigmore who designed Coraline and Heidi Smith who designed Paranorman, character designers for my two fave films. I am excited to get on with my NMP as I’ve started to create a series of characters which I can’t wait to make 3D! Can’t believe I’ve finally found out what I want to do!! Not too late I hope.