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Towards the end when Minato's like " what have I done " is he talking about how he sent Kei out of the village the past year and stuff OR Him now sending Kei out on a mission with Ebisu and like somethings gonna happen or something Sorry I'm just a mess with that last chapter survey by answering this question this won't be a spoiler ????

He’s starting to realize the full weight of his decisions and how badly he fucked up! :D

And yet, keeping Kei in the village during the period where he explodes at the Hyuga and Shimura clans still seems like a worse idea somehow! :D

He already regrets it! :D


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Excited turtle Jin is my jam

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When you are stressed or worked up I notice you talk about needing tea. What's your go-to kind of tea for when you need to decompress?

I need tea just to function and I drink a vat of peppermint tea a day (because I have a sweet tooth and it is yummy!) but when I really need to relax I have my super emergency magic tea, which is also peppermint based, but it also has valerian and lemon balm in it. 100% comfort tea. A+ recommend.