just you WAIT until people start comparing YOU to a marshmallow. *mutter mutter*

“I would loved to be called a marshmellow. Everyone seems to love them, they are sweet, and something I always find myself craving.” 

coy grin.

“Like you, and your wonderful company~ but for the sake of following your wishes, yes I was flirting just now.”

hello, can anyone recommend any aesthetic tsc blogs? (multifandom is ok) (and if you’re one of those blogs please like/reblog this!) my dash is severely lacking in that type of content. thanks in advance ♡

Oh Shit…

It happened gradually…

Sirius: *bursts into the dorm, locking the door behind him*

Sirius: *spots Remus and holds a finger to his lips* Shhh…

It had started with little things. The way he’d put his hair up with his wand, dark curls falling across his forehead. The impressively dramatic eye-rolls. The sound of his voice. His crooked smile…    

Then it became more specific.

The way his voice would crack when he tried to hit the high notes in “Stayin’ Alive”. The way he’d always tilt Remus’ book down, peering over it with a mischievous look that said very clearly he was up to no good. How he passed every test effortlessly, infuriatingly, playing it off as “luck”. The way his shoulders hunched and his expression turned stony every time he passed Regulus in the hall, desperately trying to think of something to say to his estranged sibling. The way his whole face would light up whenever James introduced him as his brother. The way he’d sit quietly in the hospital wing after the full moon, dark bags under his eyes. The fact that he always took notes when he knew Remus wouldn’t be able to make it…  

Sirius: *sighs with relief when no one knocks on the door* *turns to Remus* Hey Moons, If anyone comes asking where I am… tell them I’m off snogging McKinnon or something.

The fact that it hurt when he said that…

Sirius: *notices the way Remus’ hands are trembling as he turns the page, his eyes staring blankly at the same spot*  

He didn’t know when it had happened… what had changed…


Oh shit… 

… I’m gay. 

Peas in a Pod

(( OOC: Based on THIS text post. )) 

McGonagall: *addresses the class* Compare your answers with friends around you. 

McGonagall: *sighs* Yes, Mr. Potter? 

McGonagall: *withering look* Then compare answers with your nemesis.

James: *hisses* Sirius… psst, Sirius- 

*James’ books go tumbling to the floor* 

Remus: I’m surrounded by idiots.