hamilton characters as lines from nick's verse in monster
  • angelica schuyler:you can be the king but watch the queen conquer
  • thomas jefferson:hairdresser from milan thats the monster 'do
  • alexander hamilton:all up all up all up in the bank with that funny face
  • phillip hamilton:hotter than a middle eastern climate
  • george washington:i think big get cash make 'em blink fast
  • james reyonolds:just killed another career its a mild day

Just a pic from a scene I was gonna do. Got it all written out and everything but decided to scrap it. Just wouldn’t fit in the story cause ya know how stories go. They like to take completely different twists and turns from what the writer originally had planned lmao. 

Soooo yeah ;3

plus you all would have gotten mad at Cyndi had I kept it…..and I can’t do that. She is my precious cinnamon roll. 

So marichat isn’t my favorite of the love square but after giving Heartstrings a read (by @taylordraws), I have to admit that I’m in love with this bit from the first chapter:

“Would you let me kiss you?” he asks, his voice rough with an ache she feels too.

“I…I like someone else,” she says. Why does it feel like a lie?

“Me too.” Another simple answer. It makes her want it more.

ginger-time-lady asked:

Hi, I really love your art, especially your underfell comics. My favourite moment is Frisk's little eyebrow wiggle. Your name is also really neat, wish I could go by Alex too (as Alexandria is my name) but my brother is called Alexander so he claimed Alex first :/ so yeah, sorry for rambling I just think you are really cool

Oh my gosh this is such a flattering message! It always feels extra special when ppl point out the parts they like when they compliment my stuff, so thank you so much!
And about the name business, holy cow your parents actually named you and your brother both Alex? Thats so crazy! Youre the first person i’ve ever met who’s actually had something like that going on hehe, and we’re same-name bros!!  ╰(✧∇✧╰)

how great is that omg. 

And about your bro claiming ‘alex’ maybe you could go by zander or dria? I had one friend in highschool who used to call me zandra it was so funny and cool!

But yeah!  This is such a pleasant and unique message thank you so much for sending it.