steve rogers being a clingy kisser though

when they’re at home or he’s especially sleepy and bucky gets all up close, he just loops his arms around bucky’s shoulders and hefts himself up to get his legs around bucky’s waist, feeling small and protected as bucky takes his weight and just keeps kissing him

steve never being able to do casual kisses, bucky tries to kiss him goodbye in the morning and steve just pushes his fingers into bucky’s hair and holds on as he kisses his boyfriend senseless before letting him go, and bucky just kinda wants to blow off whatever he had to do but steve just gives him a smile and a push towards the door. they don’t kiss around friends and get teased a bit bc ‘it’s legal now, you’re not gonna offend us or anything’ and bucky once just raised an eyebrow and kissed the corner of steve’s mouth to prove a point, and they ended up liplocked for a couple of minutes because steve has no chill

sleepy morning kisses when neither has to go anywhere, steve kissing him nice and slow then dusting tiny kisses all over bucky’s face before finding his lips again, and bucky sort of loving it

teasing little kisses when steve wants something, little kisses and nips at his lips and whispering c’mon buck and please before kissing him again, and the kisses turning sharp and needy when steve gets what he wants

idk steve just really loving to kiss bucky and bucky indulging him always