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Please help our dog!

Our dog, Baron, needs a new home ASAP. My sister is willing to drive anywhere in BC or Alberta if she has to. Here’s some info on the situation:

On Friday, Baron bit my old coworker just above the knee, it was not a horrible bite, infact she didn’t feel it required immediate professional medical attention or feel that she needed to report it. It was not a vicious attack, it was a bite and retreat. A get out of our space bite born from his protective nature. Since the first onset of this aggressive behaviour toward people in our home I have contacted and worked with a couple of trainers and we were beginning to see progress. Unfortunately the situation on Friday was one that has never occurred before and I couldn’t have known how he would react.

My uncle then gave me only three days to get Baron off the property, as I am typing this I am camping with Baron to give me more time to try and find someone that can give him the home I am no longer able to provide him. He needs a home with a preferably single female with no children and experience with dogs that have behavioural issues. His issues will always be there, he will never be 100% safe. All that can be done is continue his training so he improves and monitor him closely. I was willing to do this for him for the rest of his life but I will not be financially stable enough to do so until I am done school in another 3-4 years.

This is not a case of a dog that is lacking training I have had him in training throughout his three years of life both in a class setting and private lessons to deal with things that came up as he grew. I have spent literally thousands on training from obedience to agility and focus work. This is just the way he is and likely always will be.

I am hoping that you guys will share this and help me find a suitable home. If I don’t hear of anything promising by Friday at 9am I will been meeting with my vet at 10am. This is obviously not something I want to do and if I could afford to move out I would but I can’t and even if I could who would take a dog with a bite history and a student with 12 other animals? If I so much as get a whisper of a possible home I will extend my camping trip until all options have been explored. I am willing to drive him anywhere from the island to alberta. I have already contacted dog trainers, posted on the victoria dogs Facebook page, emailed every rescue I could find from here to alberta that takes dogs his size, and have a few friends and family looking out for us as well. This post is literally the last thing I can think to do that might yield results.

So please, share this, and if I am contacted by someone that might be a good fit I will give them a full run down of his history.

PLEASE share this. Reblog it, post it to Facebook, tell people about it, just anything. Baron is an incredibly sweet dog and does not deserve to lose his life, especially at such a young age.


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