“I moved from Gangwon-do to Seoul when I was 20-years-old. I always listened to music and I told (staff noona) that I was listening to KISS’ music. The noona then told me that I shouldn’t listen to that kind of music but listen to Linkin Park and study. So I said, ‘Noona, rock music isn’t something that you can study.’ She yelled at me for talking back and told me to write up an apology. I responded, 'I’m not sorry for anything but I’ll do it anyway since you’re telling me to’. I got suspended often. They told me not to come for awhile and I just said ok. I used to live in dorms with Donghae and Yunho. They would ask if I really don’t have to go and I said, 'They will call me when they need me’. When I think about it now, it makes me cringe.” - Heechul, Super Junior

in fourth grade au, i’ve decided to make taemin’s life even more depressing because i can

but when taemin’s mother died, his older brother also died. it was a car accident. taemin was in the car, too, and he’s the only one who didn’t have any major injuries. the mom died almost immediately, and the brother died like a couple days later. it was devastating.

so after about a year, heechul thought it would be best for them to move to a new house. taemin kept having nightmares in the old one, and the brother’s room was just left untouched and no one would go inside of it. it was just so upsetting, and heechul thought they needed a fresh start, and taemin wasn’t opposed to it.

so now they live in a little two-bedroom house that’s nice and cozy for the two of them. heechul can’t see himself getting into a new relationship anytime soon, so there’s no reason to really have a big house when it’s just the two of them.

but since the accident, taemin has taken to sleeping in heechul’s bed. he has less nightmares if he’s sleeping in the same bed as his dad, and heechul just wants him to be happy, so he doesn’t mind. the only thing is that heechul now has an earlier bedtime because taemin refuses to sleep alone. but it’s really not that big of a deal, so heechul has adjusted.

for the longest time though taemin doesn’t tell his friends that he had a brother. they don’t find out until heechul tells one of the parents and then the parents tells one of the boys. 

but it’s part of the reason taemin is so attached to jinki, because jinki reminds him of his older brother. he never really tells jinki that, but jinki has a feeling, so he does everything he can to be help taemin feel comfortable and be happy. even though they’re the same age, he wants to be like taemin’s big brother if it makes him feel better.

but yeah, heechul and taemin have had it rough for the last year or so. it’s really sad.

Things every Kpop fan has heard before part 2

“Are they gay?”
“They all look the same”
“I don’t think any of them are attractive”
“So you like anime?”
“Why can’t you talk Korean then?”
“Why do the guys dye their hair and wear makeup?they can’t be straight!”
“It all sounds the same”
“How can you tell them all apart?”
“Why are they so pale?”
“The music is so generic”
“You like Korean pop! Hopefully in the south HAHA”
“It’s just a phase”
“Why is there some English words in the song?”
“There dancing is so good!”
“Are you sure that’s not a woman?”
“Why do the girls all look so young”( and I’m like she 30 though)
“There the Korean version of __________”
“What’s the point in liking them if you can’t understand them”
“Asia has hip hop?”
“The music videos are so weird”


when the squad is on point! 😂😂😂👏👍