you can rest easy knowing hedwig was well looked after in the afterlife; it was confusing and terrifying and sad at first but a little while after arriving she felt a light weight on her head and looked up to find her boy, harry potter, staring warmly down at her and smoothing out her feathers, just like he always did

except… he had hazel eyes? and he looked a bit older than hedwig remembered, and who was that red-haired woman with him?

hedwig is confused again. but harry is here, and all is well, so she tucks her head under her wing and falls fast asleep.

At Hogwarts Owlery
  • Owl 1:I just delivered some fudge! The boy looked so happy when I dropped it off!
  • Owl 2:I just delivered news to my owner that her little brother just displayed his first case of accidental magic!
  • Hedwig while cleaning her feathers:Oh that's nice. I delivered a secret message to an innocent escaped prisoner who was disguised as a dog that detailed plans for destroying the most evil wizard this world has ever known
  • Owl 1:...
  • Owl 2:...
  • Hedwig:Hoot hoot bitches

Death doesn’t discriminate, between the sinners and the saints

It takes and it takes and it takes 

Hamilton: A Potter Musical

The Signs as Stupid Things Harry has done

Aries: Taking out the Weasley car for a spin or several

Taurus: Buying literally everything from the trolley in first year

Gemini: “Who am I, Hedwig?”

Cancer: Asking Sirius dating advice on girls (honey, he’s very gay for remus don’t you understand)

Leo: Asking the MoM to sign his Hogsmeade permission form

Virgo: Performing random spells off a dark-ass mysterious book, with no idea about what they did.

Libra: Opening the two-way mirror, which would have literally kept Sirius alive, like, a year later. (actually five months but still)

Scorpio: Trusting Kreacher as to where Sirius was, or, following Draco around in the Half-Blood Prince

Sagittarius: Trying to convince Snape that his nickname was “Roonil Wazlib”

Capricorn: Sticking his wand up the troll’s nose

Aquarius: Taking his friends off to ride thestrals to the MoM, seriously

Pisces: Not figuring Remus “werewolf mcwerewolf” Lupin is a werewolf and being actually surprised