Robin Sachs, BtVS and B5 actor, has passed away, age 61

I have a peculiar fondness for the character that Robin played on Babylon 5; despite only making three appearances, Hedronn made a deep impression on me. So much so that I have several original characters inspired by him.

The B5 fandom has been hard-hit, these last few years, and I’m running out of things to say about how much the show and its creative team mean to me. So I will let Delenn speak for me:  

“There is no corresponding word for ‘goodbye’ in Minbari. All our partings contain within them the possibility of meeting again: in other places, in other times, in other lives. So you will excuse me if I do not say 'goodbye.’" 

Fair farren, Robin. 

Nee'zhalen, Hedronn.

anonymous asked:

I know I cant fuck them but can I watch Kalain and Hedronn going at it?

friend, i’ve only ever watched this episode once and i don’t remember anything about it other than sheridan talking about oranges. i’m tired so i’m just going to assume these are the guys you’re talking about, and i can sort of see where you’re coming from. but you can’t fuck them, you can’t fuck minbari. it’s too complicated. too many rituals. according to the wiki hedronn is actually a guy with a different name pretending to be someone else. i don’t think that was actually in this episode so i don’t understand why it says that. why are there so many Ns in minbari names.

edit: i forgot that this ask specifically asked about watching them fuck instead of fucking them. i was focused more on the weird hedronn wiki situation. you can’t do that either, they seem very secretive.