Hector Ramirez

hexagonal-nuts  asked:

Is there any evidence that Henry 'Headmaster' Masterson from Transformers Animated and Senator Masterson from Inhumanoids are related? Inhumanoids are canon in TFA - the events of the series are referenced in the AllSpark Almanac - but I can't find any confirmation that the two Mastersons are linked. Is there any?

HA! No, there isn’t, but wouldn’t that be hilarious and fitting! Jerky anti-social son of a rich senator, never wanted for anything in his life, always had the best tech, never been told “no” before - and when Isaac Sumdac is the one to finally do it, this loser jerk nerd stamps his feet and says “well them I’m gonna be a supervillain and I’m gonna SHOW YOU ALL!” It could certainly fit!

(Though we must be fair and point out that the reference to the Inhumanoids in the Almanac is noting that it’s canon for the G1 cartoon, not Animated, since the character of Hector Ramirez appears in both series. In Animated continuity, the Almanac only notes that the Inhumanoids were enemy characters in the “Ninja Gladiator” video game Bumblebee plays in “Where Is Thy Sting”!)


Brandon Halsey vs Hector Ramirez

Brandon Halsey (6-0) finds himself one fight away from challenging Alexander Shlemenko for the Bellator middleweight title as he’s set to face former Bellator tournament finalist and title challenger Brett Cooper this Friday (July 25th) in the main event of Bellator 122.