When Algy felt sure that the wind was beginning to die down, he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and hopped back up into the hedge. The gale had at least brought some clearer air, and although Algy knew it was unlikely to last, he was greatly relieved to see a wee bit of sunshine and blue sky for a change. In the distance, the largest island was covered in snow, shining white against the mass of dark clouds beyond it, which would no doubt make the island shine even more brightly in due course…

Algy wishes you all a happy Sunday, and hopes that the sun will shine kindly on you today :)


Horses on the Isle of Muck, Scotland by Jim Richardson
Via Flickr:
Horses on the beach on the Isle of Muck in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Wild clouds were swirling around the nearby island of Rum, which always seems to make its own weird weather. 


Good Morning from Scotland

Sunrise across Loch Hosta North Uist.

When the Devil’s loose by Paul Dunn
Via Flickr:
A wonderful sunrise across Loch Hosta North Uist, with curtains of rain filtering the colours, a quite magical sight. When the Devils loose by A A Bondy is only suitable because at the time I was annoyed the rain was spoiling a good sunrise for me, in actual fact it made it wonderful.


Quiraing, 22.01.15, featuring Cleat, Bioda Buidhe, Beinn Edra, the Trotternish Ridge, The Table, an overview of Staffin Bay and the surrounding community and Staffin Island. It was fiercely windy on the summit.

Quiraing - Isle of Skye.

A landscape study. I was planning a painting that included landscape but realized I hadn’t painted any digital landscape, so wanted to do one as practice. Turns out it’s hard. D: I used a photo from my trip to Scotland a couple summers ago, so I’ll probably keep doing more studies from those. This is from the beautiful Isle of Harris & Lewis. :)