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I’ve been seeing a lot of Lotor/Lance post lately and truthfully I kinda really really dont like it…

Jealous Keith because of Lotor and Lance would be pushing it because LOOK AT THE BOY.

Shiro, 80% of his impulse control, HIS BROTHER, the only person who ever understood him, is GONE. He’s already grieving the loss I don’t want to hurt him more with added toxic feelings.

And then there’s his Galra heritage and the part where he’s not sure he’ll ever find out where he came from that i’m 100% sure he’s STILL NOT COMPLETELY OKAY WITH.

AANNNDD THEN The heavy HEAVY baggage of being a leader when he CLEARY DIDNT WANT TO BE because he wanted Shiro to stay.

Lance has building insecurity and homesickness. I know and I want him to be happy and have the screentime he deserves as well but that can be fixed with less dire story build up because I’m a 50/50 about him joining Lotor, a prince of the empire that can easily destroy earth where his beloved FAMILY is.

I know you all LOVE Lance I know you do and I can’t stop the fandom from wanting hardcore angst to happen between Lance and Keith just for Lance to have that Character Development but please consider Keith’s feelings fam…

Keith’s been alone for most of his life.

Lance isnt the only one who has it rough.

Classical Hebrew has no word for spirituality. (The modern Hebrew, ruchaniyut, comes from our English word.) The English word spiritual means immaterial and connotes the religious. The concept comes to us with the heavy baggage of early Christianity that divides the universe into material and spiritual. This tradition teaches how to leave this gross, material world and get to the other real, spiritual, and, therefore, holy one.

Judaism sees only one world, which is material and spiritual at the same time. The material world is always potentially spiritual. For Judaism all things - including, and especially, such apparently non-spiritual and grossly material things such as garbage, sweat, dirt, and bushes - are not impediments to but dimensions of spirituality. To paraphrase the Psalmist, “The whole world is full of God.” [ref. Ps. 24:1] The business of religion is to keep that awesome truth ever before us.

Spirituality is that dimension of living in which we are aware of God’s presence. “It is being concerned with,” in the words of Martin Stresler, “how what we do affects God and how what God does affects us.” It is an ever-present possibility for each individual. Jewish spirituality is about the immediacy of God’s presence everywhere. It is about patience and paying attention, about seeing, feeling, and hearing things that only a moment ago were inaccessible. 

Lawrence Kushner, God Was in This Place & I, i Did Not Know

We can be enough. Even if the world is wider than our hands span. Even if our hearts come heavy, already stacked in baggage. Even if our smiles are weak and our reflection flinching. We can be enough just by living.

Holding on
To so much more than I can carry
I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down
If I just let go, I’d be set free
—  Heavy, Linkin Park feat Kiiara

This song has a brilliant clip, and a really good message.
While it has been divisive among fans I think it is just another step in Linkin Park’s evolution.

Oh, and I wanted to add that we shouldn’t compare how Erin and Jay deal with problems. The fact that they are in love and both have some heavy baggage on their shoulders doesn’t mean they should react to everything identically. Their backgrounds are very different. Erin was a child that was forced to live that life of a street kid. She had no other choice, just try and navigate her life to the best of her abilities. Jay was an adult (how many tours did he actually do and when did he enlist?) who kind of forced himself into it when he enlisted. That provides very different experiences due to very different types of perception and responsibilities. And Erin knows how to open up – she did it with Hank while Jay couldn’t even talk about his time overseas with his best friend who witnessed the same things.

Capricorn: You are tough, tougher than anyone of the other zodiacs because you have accepted that pain and suffering is something that comes with life. You certainly have more tolerance with it and it takes a lot to break you, but when it breaks you finally, you’re already finding ways to deal with it even if you have to carry it like a heavy baggage, you move on into the next chapter like sustenance until its all eaten up and gone.


i had the chains you’ve used to tie me up for
this one hell of a roller-coaster ride
and the bottled-up emotions i’ve been
carrying as heavy as the baggage under my eyes
that makes me forget whose image i spit out
since i ever mustered the guts
to leave my zone of solace
just to figure, to justify my existence out;
my fortitude,
just something i falsely believed was one of a kind
my skills,
which is something i heavily relied on if i ever did have any
my strengths,
which regrettably turned out to be the limit, the bar
by which i set for myself to
know when to stop
only for me to replace it
over and over again
and i became used to desperately hoping and wretchedly failing
over and over again
and i became used to starting, being,
over and over again
despite knowing that i could be
essentially limitless
and perhaps that’s why
i forgot
how to love (myself)
how to fall in love maybe,
despite how fearfully maudlin it could be
and have you noticed?
how endangered this role in society is,
to look at the world in a myriad of colors without getting lost along the way,
but heck, i freaking don’t know how to
perhaps in this lifetime i’d never will
because i still have it,
i still have these chains you have used to tie me up for this
one hell of a roller-coaster ride
called life


1) I’m relieved that Emma and Killian will be married by the end of 6B. 

Considering how freaking long they dragged their relationship - especially when compared to the other TL couples - I was afraid they were going to have them stay engage for another arc, possibly until the end of the series. 

Not my cup of tea. And honestly–not consistent for a couple that chose to “live in the moments”. I would choose a CS domestic moment over a thousand stereotypical “Say Yes To The Dress” scenes.

2) I kinda like that they’re getting married in the musical episode?

We’ve had beautiful weddings in the show, from Snowing’s to Rumbelle’s. The first one was pure fairytale. The second one was still ‘magical,’ and yet tied to a realistic and heavy emotional baggage (I still cry when I think about Rumple’s vows montage). I’m pretty sure that CS will have elements from both–and I think the musical extravaganza will have the same function of the “Back to the Future” extravaganza we had in 3B. 


“The best way to let go something, is to get more momentum in the new direction. Even it’s slow and small step because you bring heavy baggage in the past. And if you want to run speed and go for it, you have to let go your baggage. Better feeling is not lend you luckily. You decide to feel better, by decided.”

3 step for letting go :
1. Don’t blame anybody or those thing;
2. Ask yourself what lesson you learn from that situation;
3. Ask yourself, “how do i want to treat myself.” Sebab hal-hal buruk kadang terjadi karena sikap kita yang salah, cara kita memperlakukan diri dan orang lain yang salah;
4. Ask yourself, “how i will treat people better?”
5. Be gratitude to the universe

Saya baru sadar. Ternyata ada hal-hal baik juga yang memang harus dilepaskan, sehingga kita bisa meraih yang lebih baik (bagi kita)

Selama ini, melepaskan hal-hal yang menurut saya baik, adalah langkah yang teramat sulit. Tapi begitulah, kenyataannya, Tuhan melepaskan hal-hal baik dari kita pun sebab dia akan memberikan yang lebih baik.

“Tetaplah berjalan meski pelan, tetaplah beranjak meski berat. Waktu tidak mengubah apa pun, langkah kitalah yang menggerakkan tangan Tuhan untuk membuka jalan-jalan yang baru, jalan yang selama ini selalu tertutup butanya mata hati.” -Jalansaja-

Selamat pagi, happy letting go something wrong. And happy letting go something right if you have to, to get a great thing in the future. Because just if we can letting go, we can go move on and move up. To get the great thing that we deserve to. :)

“Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of Love.” (Rumi)

Commentary: “Time” has some heavy metaphysical baggage in our school of spirituality. The circle of Time is the realm of the Negative Power, Kal Niranjan, the Demiurge of the Gnostics, a false god and cosmic accountant keeping score of our karmic sins and finding all to come up short in a rigged system designed to keep souls right where they are incarnation after incarnation, a debtor’s prison of souls. Time is the cruel hand of fate, the oppressive influence of the stars. The circle of Love is far beyond all those archon rulers. It is the Ocean of Love and All-Consciousness.

Masters say it is a good idea to meditate everyday to lighten the load of karma. The inner currents of Sound and Light wash away karma and give us more Divine Grace, thus uplifting our destiny to the highest good. The Force known as Shabd Naam (Divine Sound and Light) coming from Above, busts into the world of time and space, freeing souls from the law of karma. We become what we see. If we contemplate the Light of God….we become That.


Instructions for a Bad Day - Shane Koyczan

If you think for one second
that no one knows what you’re going through
be accepting of the fact
that you are wrong.

That the long drawn and heavy breaths of despair
have at times been felt by everyone
that pain is part of the human condition
and that alone makes you legion.

What do you do when you find out that the perfect home you’ve found while searching for one isn’t supposed to be open for you, not yet. Do you bang on the doors, kick and shout and beg and even try to enter through the windows? Or do you just leave with a heavy heart, with your baggages that are now filled with beautiful memories, and just wonder when the time will be right, or if it will ever be?

See, with you–and for you–I did the former. You were the perfect home, one that I didn’t expect I would find along the way, one that I was very thankful to have, and so when I was told that it isn’t our time yet, I banged on the doors, begged to be let in, and I even stayed outside for a long time, waited and hoped that whoever landlord was holding you away from me would come and let me in finally. Truth is, I have never been stubborn as the way I was very when our love was at stake. Indeed, for the one you love, you would feel invincible enough to stand up tall to beat the odds even if it meant fighting against time, all mighty and powerful and whom says “no” and means it.

Had I not been dragged away and forced to do the latter, I would still have been in your vicinity, fighting and hoping and waiting and wishing still. But since I have done everything and it still wasn’t enough, I’ll let go for now, walk through life alone again, and perhaps find a temporary home until I could come home to you.

You will always be the right person for me, right time or not.

I’ll see you again someday,

and love you even harder.

—  Irally Cariaso, “can you write a poem about right love in the wrong time?”
8848) At 21 years old, transitioning into my third month feels like a big step.

I’m a month closer to the true me. but honestly, sometimes I get scared and anxious for the road ahead. Like yeah we’re going to be all goddesses eventually, but feeling super self conscious everyday is stressing me out. Sometimes I want to just live as a boy until like my 5 month or something, but then I wouldn’t be staying true to who I am. I think we can all realize being trans comes with heavy baggage,I just want respect.

okay, seriously...

As I’m vidding stuff, I’ve noticed this repeatedly and it peeves me to no end.

In the Downton Abbey season 5 Christmas special, when Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are out inspecting houses, Elsie is lugging around the ‘heavy baggage’, and Charles merely has a folder.

Then he’s going on and on about splitting up the duties and whatever, and I’m like, “Bitch, you can’t even carry the heavy stuff for your lady. What happened to manners? If you were still holding to those Victorian standards of propriety that you hold so dear, Charlie-boy, your girlfriend-slash-bff wouldn’t be carrying her own closed parasol, let alone everything she’s carrying for your lazy butt. Don’t give me this ‘we’ll share the duties’ shit.”

No wonder she’s rolling her eyes at him.


Childish Things

The problem with
Aging parents
Is that they don’t realize
How they’ve changed
How time can afflict
Their actions
As readily as their grief
How pain in their
Jaded instance
Is excuse enough for neglect
How the love they give
Is reticent
And sorely misused
As the truth they swear to
Leave you
Is as heavy as
The baggage claimed
As it is futile
As it is sad.

- J. Pigno