Heavy Cream

  • Some ORCA Cybernetics based characters. 
  • Octavia here will be your question answering Guru. He will be the knowledge base for all your Heavy Cream questioning needs from now on. That big head of his houses an equally large, and robust database and Cybernetic brain. 

  • Prairie on the other-hand is quite the heavy handed thug, though highly ranked, and good with the ladies…

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FANART! Wahhey! 

Wanted to do a piece of Matt(Ttyto-Alba)’s sick character, Effie from Heavy Cream, his web comic in progress! Wanted to keep it simple and it go really outta control and turned into a full illustration, so here ya go yall :)

More art coming soon. Gotta scan alot of art, I have been doing it, but I haven’t actually gotten around to scanning the works I like yet.