Heavy Cream

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Heavy Cream is making it’s way to print!

The book will contain pages not included on the site, currently. Leading up to the end of the chapter, making that 7 extra pages of content, plus some extras. Including world info, and trivia. 

As well as an exclusive cover, that the Patrons haven’t even seen yet!

Reblog and spread the word if you would be so kind? And please keep this description, thank you.. 

Thank you so much for your help everyone!


The Physical Copy of Heavy Cream book 1 is now available for purchase!

Get your copy HERE at my Etsy shop! If you have any questions regarding shipping, please let me know, but I am going to do overseas, however it may be a bit pricy depending on your location/time in which you want it shipped.

  • 28 pages, along with synopsis and artist note! (bullet casings not included)
  • Overseas fans, shipping is a little pricey, please be aware. 

Patron copies have been sent out, along with their thank you notes/sketches!

Thank you all so much for making this happen. If these sell out fast enough, i’ll make a second batch!