Fact: Aymeric de Borel is a smart-passing himbo.

Spoilers for Heavensward and Stormblood below.

Evidence: Genuinely believes his father who until that point has done nothing but destroy his family and his nation with an iron, cruel fist, will be swayed by tears of true love, as though he is some kind of storybook princess.

Evidence: Walks into the negotiations in Ala Mhigo completely aware that he’s got a lot of unresolved feelings about his dad, and completely aware that everyone else on the planet also knows about his unresolved feelings about his dad, and yet is somehow shocked and horrified when his unresolved feelings bout his dad are used to make him feel bad.

Evidence: A powerful enemy spy was like, “I think you’re pretty neat,” and he just straight up believed her even though she’s one (1) degree of separation removed from the most well known military general in the continent, who has a stated and evidenced interest in destroying all of Eorzea’s governments.

Evidence: Clearly knows about the WoL’s drink-phobia and regularly forgets it but he’s a sweet lil guy so we let him do that. Plus he looks adorably flustered when he remembers two seconds later.

Evidence: The temple knights are approximately 60% traitors, none of them are capable of hiding their treacherous nature, and every single time we point out a new traitor, he is shocked and apalled.

Evidence: Has watched every single chocobo in his country fly, but was somehow staggered by the revelation that there are flying mounts in other regions.

Evidence: Lauded and respected warrior who has never at any point considered the strategic merits of flying combat even though, and I cannot emphasize this enough, all the chocobos in Ishgard can fly, and was immensely shocked to learn that’s a Thing.

Please feel free to add your own Favourite Himbo Aymeric Moments.


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