So as I’m walking in there I’m of course freaking out trying to calm down because Jensen is the most beautiful human ever. So as I get up to him, I say hi and ask him for a really big hug. He says of course and we take a picture. I then tell him thank you and congratulations and he grabs my forearms says THANKS BABE and squeezes my arms before I walk away. THEN, a volunteer tells me that I have to retake it because I blinked. So I get back in line and when I get to Jensen he looks at me like what are you doing here (YES HE RECOGNIZED ME FROM THIRTY SECONDS BEFORE BUT IT JUST SHOWS HOW HE ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION) and I say I blinked and he giggles and then we retake the picture. AND THEN the same volunteer tells me I need to retake it AGAIN because my hair was in my mouth. So I go back up to Jensen and he’s confused again and I say apparently my hair was is my face this time and he LAUGHS HIS ADORABLE LEAN BACK LAUGH AND I DIE!!!!! So that was the best experience of my life and FYI JENSEN GIVES THE MOST SATISFYING HUGS EVER AND HE SMELLS AMAZING AND IS SO SWEET AND PRECIOUS AND GORGEOUS AND GENUINE I FELT LIKE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!


The Doctor: And the shepherd’s boy says–Argh!
Little Girl: [hides face]

BBC One added another Christmas ad that showed an amusing (and cute) clip of a little girl watching Heaven Sent and getting scared. It briefly gave me a flashback to my own childhood when I watched Poltergeist for the first time. I had to be around eight or nine years old. It scared me, I hid my face a lot, and I had nightmares, but that was my choice. Not my parents doing. XD The film ended up becoming one of my top favorites of all time. :)

GIFs made by me from the video, BBC One Christmas Advert 2016.

If I Fall Short (If I Break Rank outtake)


The Deleted One: {Text: Constable Smites The Infidel With Cunning Argument} : Jay, I know we said separate vacations this year, and I know that I haven’t been keeping in touch much, but I think…I think I need to talk to you. Like seriously talk. Remember Exhibit Z? Well….

{Text: Constable Smites} Aloha. I know we said separate vacations this year. But I need to talk to you. No service where I’m at. Will text tomorrow. Pls Pls txt back. ::Shaka:: B.

anonymous asked:

i just read a theory on someones tumblr about that they all didn't actually stay dead but that the timeline was reset when noctis restored the world and killed ardyn in the afterlife and they're all alive and stuff and it makes sense to me what do you think because the ending was just kinda confusing but after reading that theory it makes sense

Well… again… the hole. Ardyn made the hole in the palace. If it were a new timeline the hole wouldn’t be there.

You see that big old hole. They dead.