These Illustrated Posters Show You The 192 Dogs Of The World

Lili Chin, Etsy

Our favorite types of dogs come from all over the world, and illustrator Lili Chin would know - she’s drawn nearly 200 of them! Starting in the summer of 2014, she presented the series Dogs of The World, which is a collection of 192 canine breeds grouped by their geographical location and country.

The illustrative posters feature cartoon-style characters that highlight the unique appearance of each dog.Chin has drawn canines native to England, France, and the Mediterranean, just to name a few. Her series is not only well-crafted - we enjoy seeing all of the unique personalities that Chin conveys - but there’s an educational component to it as well.

By simply glancing at her posters, you can easily see where the different dog breeds originated.  Source: mymodernmet.

Heaven Falls AU

  • Stanford and Stanley Pines were the face of exorcism and the darker world of the church. 
  • Stan did the physical aspect of it (Holding down those possessed, keeping down demons, protecting Ford.) 
  • Ford did incantations. Spoke from a handwritten journal that holds mixtures, spells, and tools to cleanse the soul. 
  • Stan thought it was all bullshit until Ford was possessed by Bill and Stan had to exercise him. 
  • Stan got his scar from Ford/Bill. It’s a anti possession symbol. Ford’s hands still have the scorch marks from it and usually has that hand wrapped. 
  • The above has made it so Stan can’t be possessed. It’s how he’s able to touch demons without being taken over and such. 
  • Eventually Ford goes missing and Stan is left alone with the church. 
  • He takes in his great niece and nephew (idk if they were orphaned or just sent to stay with him for the summer) in and has them do routine church maintenance. 
  • One day while cleaning the library Dipper opens a secret passage to the lab where the Stans worked. There he finds the third journal. 
  • He becomes a sort of demon/ghost hunter with Mabel. Difference between this and canon is the monsters actively try to harm and possess the twins. 
  • Bill becomes fascinated with Dipper and possesses him which brings Stan out of retirement. 
  • That’s all I have right now but hey look a new (aka done a thousand times already) AU. 

Improbabilità –Strange objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

The series of strange and surreal objects, entitled “Improbabilità“, by the Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso who hijacks everyday objects to make them deliciously unusable. Some improbable, but not impossible creations, exposed very simply as still lifes, which divert the functional codes of objects that surround us…


magic-magnus-heaven-sin asked:

malec + cooking breakfast??

Magnus awoke to an empty bed and the smell of fresh coffee. His ‘Better Than Gandalf’ mug rested on the table beside his bed, the steam rising from it telling him it had not been there long.

He sat up, brushing hair back from his forehead, stretched, and then picked up the mug and sipped. Alec always knew exactly how to make his coffee.

Mug in hand, Magnus climbed out of bed, stepped into his green slippers and shuffled from the room, yawning.

He found Alec in the kitchen, already fully dressed, mixing pancake batter. He didn’t seem aware of Magnus’ presence, awarding Magnus a rare opportunity to observe Alec when Alec wasn’t guarded and self-conscious. He stood with his weight shifted on one leg, so his hip jutted out slightly. He had rolled up his overlong sleeves in order to keep them out of the pancake batter, revealing his toned forearms, circled with black Marks and the scars of old ones. His hair tumbled over his forehead and his brow was creased in concentration.

‘Darling, I don’t think anyone has ever been so focused on pancakes in my whole life.’

Alec yelled with fright, dropping the mixing bowl. It hit the floor was a crash, splashing pancake batter across the hardwood flooring, onto the cupboard door, and over Alec’s feet.

‘I really wish you wouldn’t do that,’ Alec gasped, looking up at Magnus.

Magnus was laughing so much he had to put down his coffee, for fear of spilling it along with the pancake batter.

Alec stooped to pick up the mixing bowl and Magnus clicked his fingers to clear up the mess.

‘Guess I’ll have to start again,’ Alec said. ‘You’d better appreciate these damn pancakes.’

chirabella asked:

See, now you're making me want Cassandra and Shepard bonding over how chess is a terrible, unrealistic representation of war.

Ha ha ha, yes.

Shepard: First of a, FIRST OF ALL, this taking-turns thing? Complete bullshit!

Cassandra: You can’t expect your opponent to sit and wait while you decide on a move!

Shepard: EXACTLY. Efficient decision-making and decisive movement are critical in a combat situation.

Cassandra: Ugh, Cullen would sit there with his chin in his hand, as if he was examining his shaving job, and think about what he wanted to do until I was ready to throttle him! And he knew it!

Shepard: Completely unrealistic.

Cassandra: And the, what do you call them, castle things–

Shepard: –rooks–

Cassandra: They can move. What is that supposed to be?

Shepard: And apparently the horses can fly?

Cassandra: Ah… actually the Inquisitor does have a flying horse.

Shepard: ???

Cassandra: Made of lightning? Or something of that ilk.

Shepard: Your Inquisition is weird. 

Cassandra: I cannot contest that.

Shepard: And nobody can retreat, I mean, what the hell is a wartime simulation where you have to just keep stomping forward endlessly?

Cassandra: Precisely!

Shepard: And don’t even get me started on the bishops. ‘I wear a silly hat and move at an angle!’ What even is that?

Cassandra: Remind me to introduce you to Lady Vivienne some time.


Juha Arvid Helminen’s Photography Series “The Invisible Empire” Criticizes the Power of Uniforms

on Tumblr, DeviantArt

Juha Arvid Helminen was featured in 2011 for his fantastic, gothic photos.  His absolute use of black is a vivid and gripping, his content is fearless, tackling abuse of authority, religion, and the human response. Read on.

One’s manner of dress can lead to powerful transformations. Switching up the ways we present our gender identity or our occupation can inspire us to act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise. While this can be empowering, photographer Juha Arvid Helminen investigates the ways uniforms denoting positions of power can grant their wearers permission to commit inhumane acts. “In 2006, I witnessed the so-called Smash ASEM ‘riot,’ writes the artist. “There I personally saw the dark side of the Finnish police. How young men hid behind their uniforms and hoods and anonymously committed misconduct. Later I witnessed the reluctance of the justice system to punish those in uniforms.”

In his monochromatic photo series “The Invisible Empire,” figures clothed in black stand barely visible against black backgrounds. Helminen’s costuming takes inspiration from instances in history where uniformed bearers of authority committed atrocities. The tailoring of his subjects’ coats evokes Nazi military jackets while his conical headpieces evoke the ominous robes of the KKK. Helminen leaves his models’ faces obscured, alluding to the ways personal identity and moral judgment can be obfuscated in the name of duty and social belonging.

Source: emptykingdom and hifructose