This is the tumblr Remembrall.

Have you

-texted everyone back?

-done your homework?

-left the oven on?

-fed your pets today?

-forgotten any hot beverages?

-forgotten a birthday?

-eaten today?

-told somebody you love them?

-remembered every appointment/meeting that you had today?

Feel free to add things to the list!


Cozy Stove Co., London. Cozy Stoves with Boilers. c.1930 by Clive Hurst


Air Conditioning - NRG Heating and Air Conditioning


Here’s the video that got me interested in rocket stoves/mass heaters.  They’re like super efficient woodstoves that emit fewer toxins and can be customized to do a lot of different heating tasks.  

I am building my own model to heat my trailer.   I got the design down, and it works, but I used duct tape for the joints on the first prototype, which only lasted so long.  Now I have a welding kit.

I don’t think this video mentions it, but another advantage rocket heaters have over wood stoves is that due to the design of the wood “feed”, the force of gravity does much of the work of loading the fuel.  People say you might have to load your wood stove every couple hours, but a rocket heater needs much less maintenance.

Mini fact #3

Inductively coupled plasma- mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is such a powerful analytical tool to identify ions, being able to detect 0.00001-0.0001ng per gram of sample. (High sensitivity, low detection limits) This means any residue in glassware would be detected, therefore Teflon or polyethylene containers are used instead and any solution must be made from extremely pure water.


This just in from selfisharm. Seeing as central heating will hit the town tomorrow, we decided to move this one to the front of the submissions line. Enjoy your last cold night! selfisharm, feel free to hit us up and choose a way we can prove our love to you for submitting.