Don’t 👏🏻 buy 👏🏻 a shirt 👏🏻with 👏🏻Jason 👏🏻Dean 👏🏻on 👏🏻it 👏🏻if 👏🏻you’re 👏🏻only wearing👏🏻 it 👏🏻because👏🏻 you👏🏻 like Ryan 👏🏻McCartan👏🏻 and👏🏻 you👏🏻 don't👏🏻 actually👏🏻 care 👏🏻about👏🏻 my 👏🏻psycho👏🏻 killer 👏🏻son’s 👏🏻well 👏🏻being

how to make spongebob on Broadway great

Spongebob is a witty and strong character who becomes a popular girl overnight

Patrick is the leader of the popular girl group who doesn’t care who she steps on so long as she’s at the top

Sandy is Spongebob’s boyfriend with potentially sociopathic/messianic tendencies and too much time on his hands

It’s Heathers

Put Heathers on Broadway