Heather Chandler! (Halloween 2014)

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while and I figured it was high time to post better pictures of it.

When I first decided who I was going to be for Halloween, I really only intended to quickly throw together a quick closet-cosplay type thing and source a red blazer from Amazon or something. But the one I was eyeing was sold out, and I was coming up short everywhere else I look, and that got me thinking about how it was a fairly straightforward piece to make. I’m a pretty big stickler for getting things as accurate as possible, and once that kicked in, I REALLY couldn’t just settle for any old red blazer.

BUT it was Halloween, it was last minute, I was on a budget and I really wasn’t sure how strong my resolve was. Luckily I had several yards of a red gabardine in my closet and it was more than enough to do the trick. Back when the original post was circulating, I got a lot of asks about how I actually made it and  the answer is still that I draped out a pattern, cut the pieces and then sewed them together. :P 

I actually DID find the exact buttons that were used on the stage costume itself, but they were too pricey to use on a costume I was only going to get one or two  wears out of. However, I did pick up a few of the stage-accurate ones for hairbows and they are available right here on my storenvy!

Last but not least, some of you may remember that the skirt was another ridiculously stage-accurate lucky find from American Apparel and that I almost didn’t buy it because I was worried for some reason that I’d never get a chance to wear it IRL and then it became one of my favorite skirts of all time.

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How to make your own Veronica Sawyer shoes (with pictures)

so a while ago is-cloudy-my-new-clear (who runs heathersthemusicalcostumes) asked me on my personal blog to show the world how I made my Veronica shoes. I decided to use this blog for this tutorial even though it’s not designed for so it can do something other than being a complete pain in my ass. Yay!

Okumaya devam et

the signs as awesome female characters: broadway edition
  • aries: veronica sawyer
  • taurus: eponine  
  • gemini: nina rosario  
  • cancer: mimi marquez 
  • leo: elle woods 
  • virgo: katherine plumber 
  • libra: matilda 
  • scorpio: the witch  
  • sagittarius: natalie goodman
  • capricorn: elphaba
  • aquarius: liz/beth  
  • pisces: annie

A very nice anon asked me if I could create a masterpost of all of the Heathers audio. I thought that was a great idea but I also wanted to include videos and other compilations of the songs. Sooooo this masterpost will include the original audio (granted I can find it) along with videos and other audio tracks

*all links open into a new tab (most likely to my blog)*

Act One


Candy Store

Fight For Me

Freeze Your Brain

Big Fun

Dead Girl Walking

The Me Inside of Me


Blue (Reprise)

Our Love Is God

Act Two

Prom or Hell?

My Dead Gay Son 


Shine A Light


Shine A Light (Reprise)

Kindergarten Boyfriend

Yo Girl

Meant to be Yours

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

I am Damaged

Seventeen (Reprise)


(c) all rights to Heathers: TheMusical. I do not own any of the clips/audio created here nor do I wish to gain anything commercially through this masterpost

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