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it's on the Heathers: The Musical youtube channel :) or you could just search the name of the video

I really like these outfits! They’re super simplified, but still true to the costumes. 

They all seem to be wearing the same combat boots, which you could get here (in black).

As for the skirts, here’s options for Veronica, Heather Chandler (red navy check plaid), Heather Duke (I’m pretty sure this is an exact match), and Heather McNamara.

For the tops, here are options for Veronica, Heather Chandler (black), Heather Duke (black), and Heather McNamara (black).

You can find all the knee socks here. For colors, I’d suggest yellow, royal, scarlet red, and kelly green.

Have fun!

Want your very own Veronica Sawyer inspired shoes? Now you can have them! Hand painted and varnished for mild wear and tear (key word: mild. I’m not a miracle worker here), these beautiful shoes are custom made for all your croquet-playing needs. And they’re custom painted, so they definitely come in your size!

How I Describe Musicals
  • Little Shop of Horrors:A man kills people and feeds them to a plant so he can become famous and get the girl of his dreams. Surprisingly, it doesn't work out.
  • Les Miserables:It's sad, the songs are sad, everyone is sad in the beginning and dead in the end.
  • Phantom of the Opera:A man stalks a singer who feels somewhat attracted to him but also thinks he is the ghost o her father, while she is also in love with her childhood friend. This makes her stalker jealous and goes on a killing spree.
  • Wicked:Musical fanfiction of the Wizard of Oz.
  • Heathers:Teenagers learn that everything will turn out fine in the end, even if you accidentally murder the most popular girl in school.
  • RENT:Everyone has AIDS and Mark is alone.

if a mean girls musical happens can barrett wilbert weed play kady?? and you know, they might as well cast jessica keenan wynn as regina. and you know cast elle mclemore as karen, and alice lee as gretchen. then they can change the names to veronica, heather, heather, and heather. and while they’re at it they could revive heathers. revive heathers.

the signs as awesome female characters: broadway edition
  • aries: veronica sawyer
  • taurus: eponine  
  • gemini: nina rosario  
  • cancer: mimi marquez 
  • leo: elle woods 
  • virgo: katherine plumber 
  • libra: matilda 
  • scorpio: the witch  
  • sagittarius: natalie goodman
  • capricorn: elphaba
  • aquarius: liz/beth  
  • pisces: annie

A very nice anon asked me if I could create a masterpost of all of the Heathers audio. I thought that was a great idea but I also wanted to include videos and other compilations of the songs. Sooooo this masterpost will include the original audio (granted I can find it) along with videos and other audio tracks

*all links open into a new tab (most likely to my blog)*

Act One


Candy Store

Fight For Me

Freeze Your Brain

Big Fun

Dead Girl Walking

The Me Inside of Me


Blue (Reprise)

Our Love Is God

Act Two

Prom or Hell?

My Dead Gay Son 


Shine A Light


Shine A Light (Reprise)

Kindergarten Boyfriend

Yo Girl

Meant to be Yours

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

I am Damaged

Seventeen (Reprise)


(c) all rights to Heathers: TheMusical. I do not own any of the clips/audio created here nor do I wish to gain anything commercially through this masterpost

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