Signs as 'Winona Ryder's characters'

aries: Josephine March
taurus: Annalee Call
gemini: Lydia Deetz
cancer: Joyce Byers
leo: Mina Murray
virgo: Charlotte Flax
libra: Kim Boggs
scorpio: Beth Macintyre
sagittarius: Susanna Kaysen
capricorn: Veronica Sawyer
aquarius: Lelaina Pierce
pisces: Rina

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"Your ass is too good" That comment is too good 😂

“jd please stop killing people i love you”

“ok veronica i’ll do anything for your ass”


“did i say ass??? love i meant love ha ha stupid autocorrect”

“jd we are having a verbal conversation and this is the 80s”

“ha ha stupid autocorrect

Trying to Make Friends at College Like
  • Person:Hi!
  • Me:Hi!
  • Person:Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Me:I am haunted by the fact that some of my favorite musicals will never see Broadway stage but for some reason we felt the need to give Cats and Spongebob a stage this year. What right do they have over Hunchback of Notre Dame? Or Dogfight? What about Daddy Long Legs? FREAKING HEATHERS? How about the fact that Deaf West Spring Awakening got two months while Chicago is still running after twenty plus years? *eye twitches*
  • Person:*smiles politely and slowly backs away*