So this happened.

Subetacraft: After Hours is officially a thing.


And in case it’s too small to read:

Modsaur fell from a high place

~Maddie: your grave
~Maddie: oh damn

~AUTO: Oooo. Josh and Lloyd

~Koda: …okay it wasn’t even niko that time

~Maddie: bye koda

~Niko: koda i didn’t even have anything to do with that

~Heather: Did you Kill Auto-senpai, Maddie???? D:

~AUTO: I’m invisibles.

~Maddie: i see that

~Koda: I just like humping on air okay
~Koda: jhumping omg
~Koda: jumping

~Heather: wha

~Koda: jump

~Heather: what
~Heather: I don’t believe you.
~Heather: omg

~Maddie: what about humping the air

~Niko: XDDDD



So the idea for this story was very self indulgent in that I wanted to write something with dinosaurs in it because I love dinosaurs. So a girl came to mind and I knew that she had a Utahrapter because one of my writing notebooks had one on the front.

So one day out of nowhere there are just suddenly dinosaurs. Everyone has their own personal dinosaur and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first 24 hours are absolute chaos as people react to their new life long companions, some of whom are terrifying death machines with legs. That day is known as the Appearing Peyton was about 8 when this happened, so she didn’t have as violent of a reaction as she could have (her mother on the other hand…).

People soon realized that the dinosaurs weren’t going to eat them. The dinosaurs have no need to eat or drink, though some do it just for fun. They age along with their human counterparts. They are intelligent and many humans are able to communicate with their dinosaurs, but they cannot talk. 

And the reason that dinosaurs just appear is because this like 36 year old dude was given a wish and he just wished that everyone had their own personal dinosaur friend. The wish used the intent of his wish plush actual existing things to reconfigure the world. So there are actual real dinosaurs who look like they did in the past and are ‘scientifically accurate’ (The scientific study of dinosaurs goes to hell when this happens let me tell you) wandering around, and there are also incredibly inaccurate dinosaurs too. All because the wish took this persons personal concept of a dinosaur and put it into existence.

As you would guess, humanity has to totally reconfigure itself in order to deal with the massive new animals in the world. People who have water dinosaurs for floating boat cities with their dinosaurs swimming beneath them. Garages are refurbished into triceratops houses. People with Apatosaurs are forced to move to the country in order to find space for their dinosaur.

The other big thing that happens in a total shift in power dynamics around the world. Dinosaurs love and are protective of their humans (in differing levels of course). People without power suddenly gain some (A child with abusive parents suddenly has a stegosaurus to protect them), or people who desperately needs some don’t get it (how is the archaeopteryx supposed to help someone they are slightly larger birds???). That is another big thing to adjust to is how people use their dinosaur and their power. 

And then there is also the fact that the dinosaurs don’t just 100% obey their humans? They act independently and it can be very hard to punish them because of their weird existence thing. So you can’t blame a human for what their dinosaur does because it didn’t do it because their told them. So there are a lot of things that get broken and people just deal with (gdi ms fredrickens brontosaurus ate my prizewinning dalias again!)

And there is just so much to play with here I love it.