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Heathers Song Summaries

*=skip if you’re too pure for this world


Exposition songs are fun. It’s the introduction and background of mostly everyone, pay attention to who’s singing. Yay teenaged angst.  Also- makeover’s are fun… So Veronica’s good at forgeries? Keep that in mind.

Candy Store-

(A little background: the Heathers have adopted Veronica as their own at this point, she has a special set of skills. Heather Chandler made Veronica write a forged not to bully Martha, then Veronica protested. Martha has this huge crush on Ram, and gets that note which invited her to his party thinking it was from him.)

Westerburg High is H. Chandler’s buffet.

Fight for me*-

Hmm… there’s a hot mysterious guy… he can fight good… wait, what’s his name?

Freeze Your Brain-

(Background: the Heathers are taking Veronica to a party. They stop at a 7/11 and make Veronica get some cheese nips)

That one guy’s name is J.D. He has baggage. I wanna wrap him up in a blanket and tell him it’s all gonna be okay. Brain freezes > drugs.

Big Fun-

The Heathers and Veronica are at this party. It’s lit.

(After the song, Veronica stands up for Martha by shutting down this cruel prank on her. H. Chandler’s PISSED and claimed she’s gonna turn everyone loose on Veronica come the start of school. Then Veronica gets kicked out of the party)

Dead Girl Walking*-

Veronica’s prolly a lil drunk and nib high. She’s all “holy crap I’m gonna die on Monday… I’m gonna go bone that mysterious hot guy who dumped their life story on me at 7/11” so yeah, she breaks the lock on J.D.’s window and they start boning.

Me Inside of Me-

(Background: before the song starts, Veronica and J.D. go over to H. Chandler’s house. H. Chandler had Veronica make her a Bloody Mary. J.D. swaps the mug with a different mug full of drain cleaner. So yeah, she dead)

Veronica is good at forging notes from murdered people. H. Chandler’s bigger than John Lennon. Also a lesbian.


(H. Chandler is dead now, the social hierarchy is messed up. H. Duke and H. Macnamera got into a situation they couldn’t handle.)

So date rape is a thing… The alive Heathers volunteered Veronica to take their place to bone with Kurt and Ram. Kurt and Ram get shut down by Veronica after singing a ballad about their balls.

Our Love is God-

(Background: Kurt and Ram are salty that they didn’t get to bone with Veronica. They spread a rumor that Veronica did the nasty with both of them at the same time. J.D. found out the truth, HE’S pissed)

Aww that’s almost sweet, they’re sad and he’s sad cuz she’s sad. Wait, oh no… They dead…

Fun fact, “ich luge” translates to “lie” in German.

My Dead Gay Son-

Karma’s a jackhole. Eulogies are fun… wait what… wAIT WHAT… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



DANGIT J.D. can’t you be normal and not kill people?

(what it’s not my favorite song what are you talking about)

Shine a Light-

Creepy old teacher capitalizes off of the 3 suicides by her students. Oh yeah, and she had an affair. Yay confession times


H. Macnamera confesses her p.o.v. too… holy crap…

Shine a Light Reprise-


(After the song, Veronica runs after her and saves her. Yay life and perspective.)

Kindergarten Boyfriend-

(Background: Martha’s suspicious of the “suicides” and suspects murder and tell Veronica what she thinks. Then Veronica tells Martha about that one forged note from “Ram” and that everyone knew about it but Martha. Martha is a sad snowflake)

Lol, Martha’s funny… wait… what I’m not sobbing you are… WAIT NO NOT YOU TO DON’T DO IT PLEASE NO

Yo Girl-

Well at least Martha didn’t die… J.D. whaT ARE YOU UP TO YOU LITTLE CRAP.

Meant to be Yours-

Hmm… he snuck in… this can’t be good… this isn’t good. WaIT WHAT VERONICA… YOU DEAD? GAH HE’S DOING IT ANYWAYS.

Dead Girl Walking Reprise-

(Background: Veronica faked her suicide, she’s coming to save the school)

Lol, the song lyrics are so fitting. J.D. and Veronica fight in the boiler room for the bomb. He’s armed with a gun, she’s armed with a croquet hammer thingy.


I Am Damaged-

(Background: J.D. accidentally shot himself, but he only passed out for long enough for Veronica to take the bomb out to the football field.)

She won fair and square… I’m not sobbing, you are..

Seventeen Reprise-

Sunshine and rainbows and everything’s gonna be okay

this trash dump was meant for jdonica anyway so heres chapter one of my weird modern-heathers-groupchat-au-thing™

this was subtly inspired by Trial Run by abotrash (which is amazing i highly recommend) but more canon based then anything. i stole their usernames for heather duke bc i found it funny whoops

read it on ao3

Dear Diary,

Three. Entire. Weeks.

Being a member of the Heathers is a lot less exciting then it seemed it would be. Besides catering to Heather Chandler’s every whim and doing my best to not wrong her lackeys, I’ve been added to this god awful group chat. At first it didn’t seem all too bad, but after you get 327 (yes, I counted) notifications in one day about some girl on Instagram it gets a little exhausting.

Heather said I needed to stop writing in my diary. She claims it’s childish that I even own one. I don’t think I’m going to stop though, there are a lot of things I can put down on paper that I could never possibly speak.

On that note, I happened to watch a kid smugly quote Baudelaire at me and then proceed to beat the shit out of Kurt and Ram. He’s your usual dark and mysterious guy; black trench coat and this amazingly fluffy black hair that I could honestly get lost in. He’s got nice eyes, a really aesthetically pleasing voice, and he’s clearly well-read. Definitely beats the asshole jocks the Heathers take interested in. I doubt any of them can read at all to be completely honest. On the other hand I guess they don’t take any real interest in guys considering they seem to only date them to keep their reputation as high as it is. I’ve walked in on the three of them getting it on before. Never again.

I believe I’m going to have to cut this entry short. The bitch brigade is blowing up my notifications and I’ll be crucified if I don’t respond.


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