The Outsiders TV Show Storm Warning

Instead of a faux-lisophical narration about how life is so weird, man and how we should contemplate out hands, man, we get Ponyboy narrating his book report on an American hero. I think it’s Abe Lincoln, or something.

Oh, wait. It was Ben Franklin. Yeah, Ben Franklin is my American hero too. He help found a country and partied with French prostitutes.

Anyway, at Casa de Curtis, the Curtis boys discuss the oncoming storm. Darry is worried because he promised to finish a roofing job for their dead parents’ friends. Soda says that the McAllisters will understand if he can’t finish but Darry insists that he must finish that day because we won’t have time next week.

Soda wants to help out on the roofing job but Darry tells him that Soda is better off staying at Buck’s, who is about to have his annual poker game. Soda is excited because the big winners always leave big tips for the workers like him.

Since Soda really wants to help out, Darry gives him a bundle of money and asks him to deposit it for him that day. It’s super duper important!

The Curtis clan goes their separate ways and it’s the end of that scene. I have to note that I thought it was cute how Soda was the one cooking and wearing a frilly apron and making bagged lunches for the family.

And here we see rare proof of the Curtis family eating a nutritious breakfast instead of chocolate cake. It’s like seeing the Loch Ness Monster

Ponyboy leaves the house where Scout is waiting for him. She asks him what he is writing and Pony explains that he is writing a report on Ben Franklin. Scout is all, “Why? He’s just a boring old white dude who did boring old white dude things” but Pony explains that Ben Franklin was like a grease because he grew up dirt poor and liked to party with prostitutes.

He mentions that Ben Franklin liked to take air baths which I looked up and found out is just standing naked in a room and opening the windows. Pony says he’d like to take one because “the ladies love them too”.

“What ladies, you constipated weirdo? And furthermore: TMI.”

Just then, Cherry drives up in her car and anxiously asks Pony if he is finished with her report. Scout keeps trying to break into the conversation by asking Cherry if her car seats are real leather.

Cherry ignores Scout and tells Ponyboy to have her report ready by history and drives off.

“Your constipated ass better have my report ready if you want to keep your knee caps, bitch. Queen Cherry, out.”

Normally, I only do one screenshot per scene but both of their expressions were too good to not use.

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Films in 2012 #85: New York Stories (Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, 1989). <watched 23/04/12; DVD>

Segment 1: “Life Lessons” (Martin Scorsese)

Extraordinarily heartfelt. I liked it a lot, and it’s probably my third favourite now of his films. Fantastic use of Procol Harum, too; writing this is why my last few posts have been Procol Harum songs.

Segment 2: “Life Without Zoe” (Francis Ford Coppola)

Why, Francis? Why?

Segment 3: “Oedipus Wrecks” (Woody Allen)

Short film oddly suits Allen; it seemed like one of his short stories put on celluloid. Quite hilarious indeed, and also quite touching.