The Signs as Girl Cliques👑👑👑.
  • 🔥Fire🔥.
  • Scream Queens:<img src="">
  • 🐏Aries:Chanel Oberlin.
  • 🦁Leo:Chanel #5.
  • 🏹Sagittarius:Chanel #3.
  • •••
  • 🌱Earth🌱.
  • Mean Girls:<img src=""></p>
  • 🐂Taurus:Karen Smith.
  • 👩🏻Virgo:Gretchen Wieners.
  • 🐐Capricorn:Regina George.
  • •••
  • 🌪Air🌪.
  • Clueless:<img src=""></p>
  • 👯‍♂️Gemini:Dione.
  • ⚖️Libra:Cher.
  • ⚱️Aquarius:Tai.
  • •••
  • 💧Water💧.
  • Heathers:<img src=""></p>
  • 🦀Cancer:Heather Duke.
  • 🦂Scorpio:Heather McNamara.
  • 🐡Pisces:Heather Chandler.

Shitty In-Depth Analysis:

Croquet is a big thing in the movie both stylistically and symbolically. Obviously there’s a lot in the movie I can pore over, but this is on my mind atm. In the beginning of the film, Heather Duke makes an impossible hit right before Chandler’s turn, Heather asks if she’s going take the two shots or send her out, Heather, naturally opts for the latter and knocks Heather’s ball out.

Near the end of the film, Veronica plays a game with Betty. Veronica is faced with the same option as Chandler was in the first game, take the two shots or send Betty out. At first, Veronica moves to settle for the two shots and Betty stops her, explaining that the only way to win was to knock her out, Veronica says that’s not her style. ( Up until this point we’ve seen Veronica’s whole refusing to do things like Heather shtick, and now refusal to go along with JD ). 

Veronica does, begrudgingly take that shot, and after that point in the film, she becomes more of an action taker while also having concerns over ending up like Duke or Chandler. 

Essentially, since I’m bad at explaining, croquet is a pretty bitchy game, one Veronica isn’t very good at, as she likes to play it safe socially and let people take the lead. The end of the film, despite Veronica hoping that laying low will make things go back to normal, she realizes that you can’t change anything if you stand to the side, and that taking the shitty actions of bad people for good reasons does not make you that person.

tld;dr: i’m bad at words, croquet is bitchy and so is high school.